Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Twelfth Edition

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. The Sunday Post is a new meme where you can post about the new books you got this past week (books I was asked to bite), or recap what has been happening the past week on your blog (bites you may have missed), or a sneak peek for what is to come (what you can look forward to biting into), or even a final recap of your week in general (one last parting bite). 

Books I was asked to bite and books I decided to bite this week: 

Considered For Review:
  • "Chaos" By Megan Duncan
  • "Something Wicked: Short Stories" {Not Pictured... comes out in October}

Bought for the Kindle:

Bites you may have missed this past week:
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Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR List
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BBReview: "Death and the Girl Next Door" By Daryna Jones
Unfortunately the Time Has Come

What you can look forward to biting into next week: 
  • Question of the Moment 110 {Monday}
  • BBReview: "Unspoken" By Sarah Rees Brennan {Tuesday}
  • Top Ten Tuesday {Tuesday}
  • BBReview: "Scarlet Spotlight" By J.X. Burros {Wednesday}
  • "Persistence of Vision" Book Spotlight/Interview {Wednesday}
  • What Are You Pinning? #9 {Thursday}
  • Follow Friday #33 {Thursday}
  • BBReview: "That Day of First Sun" By Sheryl Steines {Friday}
  • BBReview: "Eternal" By J.A. Belfield {Saturday}
  • The Sunday Post ~ Thirteenth Edition {Sunday}

One Last Parting Bite:
Not a lot of books this week. HOORAY! lol I am finally cutting back. There are three less posts than usual this week so hooray for also slowing down so I can focus on classes. I know ten is still a lot of posts, but it  will stay like that until I get done with the rest of the reviews I promised this summer. I had a pretty interesting day today. I got to go on a tour of a Navy Fricket ship. They are doing a six month tour all along the eastern coast for tours on the ships and so today I went with my mom and Navy Vet Grandpa to tour one of the ships in Downtown Detroit. It was pretty cool to see some parts of a real naval ship. The surprising thing was that it was small, but still big and then said on normal tours they hold about 190 people aboard for six months. To me it was a LOT of people in such a small space, because everything is crammed on this boat, there is no open space... at least none they showed us. So here is the surprising thing my grandpa told me and mom afterwards that the ship he went on held 6,000 people on a normal six month tour. HOLY COW!! I was telling him maybe he would see an old buddy today while we were down there since there was a lot of vets, and he told me he didn't know too many people on the ship because you met someone new everyday and told me he only met one guy from Michigan on his boat and how it would be hard to find other guys because of the size of the ship. So crazy. Other than that school is going well. The hardest class I have is French, because I have never taken French before in my life so its hard to pick it up, especially when I have taken spanish my whole life lol. Posts to look forward to this week my Unspoken review (READ IT!) and the Persistence of Vision spotlight/interview. Posts to go back and check out are my reviews of Onyx and my review of Death and The Girl Next door, and my Unfortunately the Time Has Come post. Till next week!

Thanks for checking out my Sunday Post! Hope you check in again next week =D