Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unfortunately, The Time Has Come

I know, I know you are already sick and probably sad about TONS of other bloggers taking a break or leaving permanently. It makes me extremely sad as well, especially about the ones not planning on coming back. It is such a sad thing when drama is the cause for someone to stop doing what they love, or even just take a break from it. BUT that drama has nothing to do with me so I will be damned if it makes ME stop doing what I love doing. Perk up everyone, because I am not leaving.

No I am not leaving permanently and not even really temporarily. We all know that the school year has begun (WHOO!... just kidding) and this is my third year at university so I have even more work to do that those of you still in high school. (Kill me now, please.) Not only am I a full time student, but I am also the vice president of an internationally recognized sorority. So needless to say I am a little busy during the school year. This means that the blog will slow down. I AM NOT LEAVING, JUST SLOWING DOWN! I know this past summer blog posts have been just pouring out of my pores, but with school starting and my classes needing a lot of attention, plus sorority, I won't be able to pump out as many. My blog was officially closed for any review requests during the school year. People can still send them to me, and I will read and respond back, but I won't be able to start reading those review books until probably next April. I plan on reading the thousands of books I have personally bought and have yet to read during the school year. I hope to get one a week read. (*fingers crossed*)

The current schedule for posts on this blog is about 13 posts a week. Yea, sorry guys that isn't going to keep happening lol. The maximum I will probably be able to post a week (during a very good, free week) is about 7. I want to have my weekly average to be about 3, but even if I have no review to post I still want to force myself to post once a week with an update post. I'll rant about school, what I am reading, when I can post a review, what's been going on, etc., I just want to make sure you guys don't think I am just ignoring the blog or leaving like some people probably thought last year, so I want to do these update posts when I can't put up anything else during the week.

I love you all and hope you have a great semester along with me. Don't go anywhere, because like I said I will still post weekly it will just slow down a bit and once summer starts it will be back to 13 posts a week =D