Thursday, August 21, 2014

QofM: Why Are You Always Trying To Kill Them?!?

As we all know I absolutely love Paranormal Romance, but there is a trend in PR that really drives me nuts. 
Why is it that in every Paranormal Romance someone has to try to kill the main character? It's always some bad guy, the government, or higher up paranormals. 
Why can't they just be paranormals (or paranormal/human) who fall in love and we learn about their abilities and fall in love with them too?
Why is it that there always has to be element of danger, as if falling in love with a paranormal isn't dangerous enough. 

Dwight understands my feelings exactly. 
I mean, don't get me wrong I love the thrilling element of running from danger, strong lead heroines, and sexy guys showing how tough they are, but sometimes I just want a break and enjoy a Romance with Paranormals. 

How do you guys feel about all this? Do you think there should be more frilly, romances about paranormals and not just humans? Do you know any you could recommend to me?


  1. I agree! I think it'd be fun to read a more lighthearted book that's still full of cool paranormal creatures.

  2. Exactly! How fun would that be! I've been thinking about it since I posted this and I honestly can't think of one that doesn't have someone trying to kill the MC for knowing too much or putting their kind in danger or whatever.

  3. I can't either! Every time I think I've thought of a book that didn't have that kind of danger, I remember how things escalated to that!

  4. See! At this point I'm basically on the hunt to try and find one that doesn't have danger.


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