Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bout of Books Sunday's Challenge

Bout of Books

5-Book Challenge: Post Apocalyptic Edition from Falling Down the Book Hole

My 5 books would be...

 As for the "why" it's kind of simple. All of these books are pleasure books and are my favorite's. If I am going to be in a post apocalyptic world, I don't want to read books to make me feel more depressed or to remind me of the world I am living in. I want to escape and these are my escape books. All of these are books that I could re-read over and over again and I wouldn't get tired of it. They are my favorites from my favorite authors and I think I would be set. I've got 3 paranormal books (my favorite genre of all time), 1 classic, and 1 contemporary to mix things up.
If you haven't tried any of these I am SHOCKED! And order you to immediately. If you don't like 'em I'll understand (well not understand, but I'll deal), but at least try 'em.