Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BBReview: "One Tiny Secret" By Adam Kunz

Genre: New Adult - Mystery/Thriller/Horror
Publishing Date: May 16th, 2013
Page Count: 413
Source: Sent to me by the author for review
Format: E-Book

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**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for 17+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

Just one tiny secret has the potential to ruin everything.

Being the daughter of the sheriff in a small town like Holden Ridge means that eighteen-year-old Danielle “Dani” Marks’ life is under constant surveillance. She’s made a habit of staying under the radar by being a floater among social circles at school, which has kept her out of trouble—until now.

After a missing persons case stirs up the entire town, Dani finds herself caught right in the middle of the scandal. When she’s labeled a possible suspect, things quickly go from bad to worse. The sudden return of her old flame, Parker Reed, manages to make her whole situation even more complicated.

When an elusive unknown person begins to blackmail Dani by threatening to reveal her deepest secrets, Dani refuses to play along. That is, until the person’s actions take a violent turn. Holden Ridge begins to lose its sense of quaint town security, and Dani is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Who can she trust when anyone around her could be a suspect?

One thing’s for certain though: Never underestimate the power of one tiny secret.

Jiminey Crickets was this an amazing book! One Tiny Secret is addictive, fast paced, un-put-downable, and scary. Wow, did I love this book! I seriously could not get enough of it and had to keep reading till the end, because I NEEDED to know who 'Unknown' was! Seriously great, go you, Adam!

Adam Kunz is also the 'A' in C.A. Kunz, a mother-son author duo responsible for the amazing Childe Series. This is Adam's first solo novel being published and I have got to say that he did a great job. I just hope that the amazing success he is about to gain from One Tiny Secret doesn't disrupt the Childe Series, because I will have to start writing angry letters, Adam. lol!

Now, back to the amazingness that is One Tiny Secret. I absolutely love it when I can't figure out an ending. The entire time this book had me second guessing myself on who the killer could be. In chapter 33 I seriously thought that I figured out who it was. I was POSITIVE I knew who it was, but Adam got me good and I didn't see the real ending coming at all. It seriously blind sided me and I was very happy with the ending. I have seriously never read such a fast paced novel where my brain is just constantly working to try and figure out the ending. Very well done.

The characters were all developed flawlessly. I seriously loved Dani's character, especially her name. I love girls with boy names, it's just adorable. Dani was completely likable and relateable. I loved that she was full of sass and was stubborn it really made her feel genuine. There are so many side characters in this book that I can't possibly go through and talk about each one, but just know that they all were very real, genuine, characters and I really felt like they were real people and that the story was real life, because it was very hard to try and pick out a murderer.

As far as plot and story line, it was done very well. Adam created a lot of tension throughout the entire story to really make the plot thicken and thicken as you read on. Every page just sucks the reader in more and more until you have to just sit there being held hostage till the very end. And it was seriously scary. I was constantly looking over my shoulder, walking around my house looking for hidden killers, and jumping at every small noise. I seriously almost had a heart attack when my dog started barking, because my neighbor came home! I honestly thought someone was in the house! Really great plot development, great character development, great everything. This book was fantastic and I will continue to read more and more from Adam Kunz.

Absolutely, 1000% in love with One Tiny Secret! I honestly didn't think a book could be this great. It had me hooked the entire time, reading page after page and constantly looking over my shoulder. I couldn't guess the ending to save my life, and that is the number one thing I loved about it. I love when I can't guess an ending, because it makes me that much more eager to keep reading and find out the truth. There were many times when I thought I had it figured out, but I kept finding out I was wrong and second guessing myself. Overall fantastic novel! Great job, Adam!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5

**The books cover, description, and info was all found and borrowed from A link back to it's Goodreads site has been provided. All other work and ideas are of my own creation. This novel was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.**