Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Switch Places With

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there will be a new topic for everyone to create a top ten list with. 

This Weeks Topic:
Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Switch Places With For 24 Hours

1. Syd from "Bone Dressing" By Michelle I. Brooks
Syd is a very independent character, which I love. I would love to be a bit more independent on my own and it would also be very cool to be able to travel through your past lives =D

2. Janie from "Dark Seeker" By Taryn Browning
Janie is such a bad ass character. She fight vampires for crying out loud and she is just a human. She doesn't have super powers. It would be awesome to be as brave as her and to also be around such a hunk like Beau.

3. Karen from "Passing Strange" By Daniel Waters
From the first book of the Generation Dead series I have always loved Karen's character. She is just so awesome on her own and it would be very interesting to not only be a zombie, but a hot zombie. 

4. Suze from "Shadowland" By Meg Cabot
I have always wanted to know what it was like to talk to ghosts and help them. So obviously I have picked Suze since she can do just that. How awesome would it be to talk to ghosts for 24 hours?

5. Finley from "The Girl in the Steel Corset" By Kady Cross
Finley is very awesome. She is full of physical strength, but is also very classy. I would love to be as strong as she is (both physically and emotionally) for a day. 

6. Schuyler from "Blue Bloods" By Melissa De La Cruz
Schuyler is just so down to earth. I would just love to be in her shoes and experience her lifestyle for a day. 

7. Cat from "The Childe" By C.A. Kunz
Cat is awesome all on her own, but it would be so cool to hang out with her group of friends. They seem so awesome and close knitted. It would be great to interact with such a big group so easily, since I usually don't like big groups. 

8. Alice from "Twilight" By Stephenie Meyer
I love love LOVE Alice from Twilight. She is very strong and beautiful. She is seriously one of the nicest cullen's. It would be very interesting to go from acting like someone like Rosalie on a day to day basis to acting like Alice for 24 hours. 

9. Bonnie from "Vampire Diaries" By L.J. Smith
Being a witch! How cool!! I would love to be Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries. She doesn't deal with as much drama as Elena does, but she deals with enough in a 24 hour period to let me experience it for a short time. 

10. Karou from "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" By Laini Taylor
Karou is surrounded by this amazing paranormal world and paranormal creatures. It would be awesome to be around them and interact with paranormals like it was no big deal. Plus have a hot angel around wouldn't be so bad (lol).