Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Question of the Moment 91

How do you feel about contemporary novels? Are they all you read, good to read every once in a while, or you don't like them at all?

I personally like them every once in a while. Usually contemporaries don't have a whole lot of action or suspense going on and I need that in my books. I love fast paced writing and I usually don't get that in contemporaries. Maybe thats the definition of contemporaries and I am just dumb and never realized that lol. So I usually love them every once in awhile when I want a break from my usual paranormal genre. I don't think I could ever only read contemporaries, but that is just me.

How do you feel about them? Love em, Hate em? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. I read them once in awhile. I think that a lot of why I read is to escape from the every day world that isn't always that great for me, and so I think that may be why I like the paranormal and dystopian so much. I also need to feel a connection with the main character or story in a contemporary book, and I often don't feel that way.

  2. Thats how I feel too. Sometimes its good to hear an every day story, but I like the escape I get from the paranormal.

    Thanks for commenting!


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