Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top Ten Authors I Fan Girl Over

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My Topic: Top Ten Authors I Fan Girl Over

1. Melissa De La Cruz
I have never met her and I don't even know what I would do if I did! She is my number one favorite author of all time! I love her writing style so much and now that I have read her YA paranormal series and her Adult paranormal series I definitely need to go back and read her earlier works, because I am sure those are amazing as well =D 
One of the books known for: Blue Bloods 

2. Daniel Waters
I series fan girl over Daniel Waters just when my eyes skim his books on a shelf. I am completely in love with his books and have yet to find anything at all that resembles them. I am so excited he is coming out with a new book this year! It has been pre-ordered since like February. I even wrote a fan e-mail to him once a while back asking if he was going to write any more books in the future and how much I loved his novels, but after it was finished I felt super dumb so I deleted it and never sent it lmao
One of the books known for: Generation Dead

3. Kady Cross
I had just read one of her books before meeting her at BEA this year and was super excited to meet her. She looked so intimidating with her pink hair and I was just praying and begging that she would be super nice as I have pictured her to be. Well, it got to be my turn in line to meet her and she was everything I hoped for! She was super duper nice and awesome and even told me about another signing she was doing that day and that I should try and get over there too. Best meet and greet with an author I have ever had! 
One of the books known for: The Girl in the Steel Corset

4. Stephenie Meyer
I am slowly starting to get over my Twilight phase where I was completely obsessed, but if I had the chance to meet Stephenie and sit down and talk with her I definitely would. Her novels have definitely played a factor in my life and I would love to be able to thank her and pick her brain =D
One of the books known for: Twilight

5. Becca Fitzpatrick
I also met her at BEA this year and she was just the way I pictured her. I pictured her as a beautiful strong, but quiet woman. She was super nice and she reminded me of myself for some reason. I just feel like our personalities probably have a lot of similarities. I would definitely love to sit and talk with her about where she gets her ideas. 
One of the books known for: Hush, Hush

6. Suzanne Collins
Who wouldn't love to sit and talk with Suzanne Collins? She seems so sweet and nice and I love that she isn't soak up the limelight going to every interview and book signing, because it makes her more mysterious. I know some people get mad about that, because you want to get to know the people who write the books you love, especially if they had an impact on you, but at the same time it makes her seem magical almost cause its like "Who is Suzanne Collins?" 
One of the books known for: The Hunger Games 

7. Thomas Amo
I seriously love this guy! I found his book on Amazon one day and had to buy it, because it sounded awesome! I posted a comment on Goodreads about scary it was while reading it and he commented back. Since then we had chatted back and forth and he is seriously one of the nicest authors I have ever had the pleasure in talking to. We are still buds (which is freaking awesome) and I still get excited when I talk to him, because its like "OMG a real author wants to talk to me!" he is barely a real person to me lmao. I think that is the cool part of being an author. You write something that blow peoples minds and when you act like a normal human being afterwards they still think of you as that literary god HAHAH. Him and his wife will die if they read that! 
One of the books known for: An Apple for Zoe

8. C.A. Kunz
C.A. Kunz is a mother-son author duo. They are amazing! and extremely nice =D When I first started my twitter account for the blog they were one of my early followers and once I saw they had a book out that sounded awesome I bought it right away and devoured it and loved it!! I am pretty sure they live in florida and one of these days I need to go a little further south to one of their signings and meet them, because they are super awesome!
One of the books known for: The Childe 

9. Tamara Rose Blodgett
Tamara is so awesome! Seriously, no joke! I first heard about her from a giveaway for one of her books which I luckily won. I loved it and have been trying to catch up with all her other books and series since! She is super nice, a fantastic friend to have, and even helped me decide me major. I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life and she suggested looking into being an editor or publisher. The thought of doing something I love for the rest of my life didn't even occur to me. It sounded like magical talk lmao. So I declared my major as communications just last year =D If we met I am sure we would have so much fun hanging out!
One of the books known for: Death Whispers 

10. Rachel Vincent 
This is the last author on the list that I met at BEA this year. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that she was going to be there! I think I just stumbled upon her series on Amazon one day, but I bought the prequel for free on there and couldn't put it down till I finished. I am still not caught up with the series, but I will be eventually lmao. It is soo good and she was super nice in person. I was gushing about her in the line for her signing, because a person in front of me never read anything about her. It was super cool! 
One of the books known for: My Soul to Take