Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something Wicked This Way Comes... #WWReadathon Challenge

This challenge comes from the Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon that I am participating in. If you want to participate the linky is open till this weekend! If you just want to play along with the challenges in all good fun with me, but not participate in the read-a-thon or win a prize you can answer below in the comments... 

“A wildfire is quickly coming your way! What thing/s do you grab when you only have a few minutes to make it out?”
(I’ve saved any people or pets in there already!)

I know I would try to run upstairs and save all of my books, but I know that that probably won't happen. I really hope this never happens to me, because it honestly makes me want to cry thinking that I will lose all of my books lol. SO I will try and think of things to grab that are right here in this vicinity (my bedroom). I would grab my stuffed bear from my boyfriend, my Ipad, my sorority badge, my sorority bag to stuff all this in it, my laptop, and then I would start grabbing things at random. Like books from upstairs, random "important" items, but I know my mom would grab good, necessity, important things so I would just be left with grabbing important things from my bedroom. 

It's weird to kind of prioritize your things and think what is truly important to save that you can't replace. A lot of the things in my room I can replace, thats why I only grabbed things that mean something to me further than just their outwards importance. 

This challenge was kinda fun, but very depressing to me lol, because I keep thinking about all that I would lose. SO SAD!! Anyways, I am going to go see what others put down =D