Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Question of the Moment 82

Hello everyone and welcome to BEA Week on Book Bite Reviews!! Every day this week I will have a post for you! Four out of the seven will be BEA related and the other three will be a guest post, a question of the moment and a review =D

This Weeks Schedule: 
Monday: My Overall BEA 2012 Recap 
Tuesday: Guest Post
Wednesday: Wave Cloud
Wednesday: Question of the Moment
Thursday: BBReview: "From Out of Chaos" By Nathan Wrann
Friday: My Book Haul From BEA 2012
Saturday: Books Up For Grabs


How do you deal with characters that make trouble for themselves? Do you enjoy them, because they make a more exciting story? OR do you hate them?

I hate them! Sorry lol but i do. I understand when "bad guys" make trouble, cause its their job or when there is already trouble to be solved from the beginning, but i do not like it when "good guys" make dumb decisions and make trouble for themselves. It drives me insane! It's like don't we have enough problems and you want to add more? I would kick them out of the book lol.

So how do you feel about the good guys making trouble? Let me know in the comments below =]