Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Question of the Moment 80

Do you prefer long stories or short ones? I don't mean anthology type short stories, but do you prefer 400+ paged novels or 100-300 better?

I personally like the shorter stories. I like when novels are only about 250-300 pages. And i LOVE when they are a series, because then you get a bunch in that length. I think i prefer the shorter of the two, because then there aren't a bunch of useless pages and extra pointless details. They get to the point and tell the story. For example the book i review tomorrow was to the point. Everything that is written has something to do with what will happen in that book. No extra details, no nonsense. I loved that about it!

So, which do you prefer? Short or long books? Are there certain times you like one over the other? Let me know in the comments below =]