Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BBReview: "Cor Griffin Blood Suckers 1: Dark Matter Heart" By Nathan Wrann

Genre: Young Adult -Paranormal/Thriller
Publishing Date: May 13th, 2011
Page Count: 192
Source: Sent to me by the author
Format: E-Book

Description from
A new town. A new school. A new beginning. Seventeen year-old Cordell Griffin and his mother move from Los Aneles to the Pacific Northwest to deal with his "allergies," and start a healthier new life. Cor has one goal: To blend in and be invisible. Unfortunately for him, no matter how far he foes, he can't run away from his secrets. Secrets about why he's sick. And secrets about why so many people he meets end up dead, drained of blood.

In "Dark Matter Heart", the origin novel in the "Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers" Young Adult Paranormal Thriller series from filmmaker Nathan Wrann, Cor must uncover the mysteries of his past and conquer the secrets of the present in order to protect the girl of his future, and save himself.

The first thing that i noticed that i liked about Dark Matter Heart is that the story was straight to the point. There weren't any time fillers or useless information spewed about. Everything that Nathan Wrann wrote had purpose. Anything that seemed like useless information at the time was used to make a bigger point later on. I love when stories are straight to the point.

I also really loved the romance in this novel. It wasn't the main focus, but there was just enough of it. I love that Cor was such a loving guy. Whenever he thought about Caitlyn is was always about him longing to be with her, but not in a cocky way. He always thought of himself as no competition to Trace.

I was very happy with how the novel ended. I think it ended perfectly. What i don't know is what will happen next in the second installment, but i cannot wait to find out. Especially what happens with the cops, because i have no idea how they are going to clear their names now or explain any of what happened.

I really loved how to the point Dark Matter Heart was. There wasn't any useless time fillers. I also loved how there was just enough romance to make it have a cute side. Cor is a great main character, i loved that he wasn't cocky in the slightest bit and was overall a really nice guy. I cannot wait to find out what will happen next in this series and how Cor and his friends will clear their names of murder!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5

*Cover photo was sent to me by the author. The publishing date and description are from and have been linked back. This novel was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Everything else is my original work.*