Thursday, May 31, 2012

Question of the Moment 76

Have you ever stumbled across an amazing book or series by chance? Tell me what book or series and your story behind it =D

I am done this lots of times by being at the library and just being like "...ok fine ill try this book" or being at the book store for my birthday and saying "Since, its not my money i don't feel guilty for buying this whole series i've never read/heard anything about". One examples of this is the Blue Bloods Series By Melissa De La Cruz. I read the blurb on the back of the first book once one day while at Target and was like "hmm... this sounds interesting" but none of my friends had read them, i didn't hear anything from the web or on TV about them and from the blurb it seemed like a typical vampire book. Well, for my birthday my dad took me to target said here is your budget, GO (dangerous) and i went straight for those books and bought all three that were already out. It was risky, but i just went with my gut and now she's my favorite author in the entire world and im so happy i did it.

What is your surprisingly good book story? Let me know in the comments below =]