Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Question of the Moment 74

Do you like reading Male MC's or Female MC's point of views better, and Why? (MC = Main Character)

I, personally, like reading female MC's point of views better, because well i am a girl and can relate better to those sides. I can easily point out what emotions are being displayed and can easily understand the true meaning behind them. For example when a girl flips out on a guy in a book i can easily tell if she is mad at the current situation or is just going off on them, because something behind the scenes is going on that they haven't expressed and are bottling it up. With a male MC i can tell those things as easily. Sometimes an author has to literally spell it out for me to understand their emotions. (pun intended) I do appreciate reading a guys perspective, because it sheds new light on things and its interesting to read those point of views (cause its like spying on a guys brian) but i do understand girls better.

Which do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. Hrmmm...that's tough. Even as a guy, I haven't read many books from a male's point of view. I have read some, but the majority I've read are from a females perspective. I like them both for different reasons, but I've always been a fan of stories with a strong, not whiny, heroine.

    Here's a thought, have you read a male MC's perspective from both female and male authors? Do you notice a big difference in the characters thoughts and actions - and your understanding of them - based on whether the author was male or female?

  2. Definitely. I have read a male point of view from a woman and i almost felt like it wasn't completely genuine. Like, i found myself saying to myself "How does she know this is how guys really act in their inner monologue?" But when a male author writes a male point of view, i don't second guess it lol. Same with male/female authors writing from a female point of view. When a male writes it i always say "thats not how we act" lmao.

    Thanks for the answering and giving me something to answer back =D


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