Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BBReview: "Reflections Series 2: Broken" By Dean Murray

Genre: Young Adult -Paranormal
Publishing Date: December 25th, 2011
Page Count: 341
Source: Sent to me by the author
Format: E-Book

Description from
Adri Paige is too busy dealing with the emotional fallout from losing half of her family to deal with boys. At least she thought so until the two most intriguing guys in her new school take an interest in her.

Both boys are gorgeous and blessed with obscene amounts of money. They should have the emotional depth of note cards, but instead display undercurrents she doesn't fully understand. Rumors the pair destroys peoples' livelihoods seem ludicrous until she gets caught in the crossfire and her family almost loses their home. She's increasingly unsure either boy is really human, and their rivalry is rapidly turning deadly.

I must say that i was very blow away with Broken. I realize that usually with a series the second book either gets the exact same rating or lower, but this one is actually getting higher. I know that is probably confusing since they are essentially the exact same story, but told in different point of views, but the only reason Torn didn't get five stars was because even though i really liked it something was just missing and Broken was what was missing. I also feel like i identified more with Broken since it is told in a female POV.

Even though i identified more and like Broken a little more than Torn i do not recommend reading Broken first and then reading Torn. When Dean Murray, the author, first contacted me about reading and reviewing these novels he did say you could read them in either order, because they are the same story just with different point of views, but i stuck to the original order (first Torn then Broken) and i honestly think that is the only way to read it, because all of the suspense and questioning of not knowing what Adri's true purpose of being there would be gone. It would ruin the story, in my opinion, so don't wander down that path lol.

Adri's story is wonderful and brings so much insight to the story. I loved it so much and just brought Torn more to life. I honestly wish that more authors would add an extra book to their series giving another persons point of view on the story, because it just gives everything a better outlook and makes the story more whole.

I loved Broken. It was a very beautiful story and definitely brought the original story we were introduced to in Torn more to life. It erased any lingering questions and cleared up any of the fuzziness left from the first novel. I really identified with Adri and her point of view and i really wish more authors would bring in other characters point of views into their stories, it just makes everything full circle and more complete. Although, usually the second book in a series gets a lower rating than the first, Broken is actually getting higher, but only because when i read Torn i loved it, but i just felt something was missing and this was it. Very, very good series and i can't wait to read the next one!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5

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