Saturday, May 26, 2012

Question of the Moment 72

What is your number one pet peeve? That one thing that when you see it in/on a book that you almost can't get past and it stays on your mind the whole time?

Mine is definitely grammar issues. Misspellings, sentences not making sense, wrong order of words, etc., I usually come across this since i get a lot of first editions and arcs and it always bugs me. When it's not too bad i can let it go, but when its really bad i can't get past it. Every time i see another mistake i get urked lol. I know that we all think we're independent and can do everything on our own, but when it comes to writing for the public you need to have someone proof read it for you. At the very least you should listen to this advice that i heard one. I don't remember where i read it, im pretty sure one of the blogs i follow either did a guest post, an interview, or just a post in general about writing and self-publishing (which if you know who im talking about please leave a comment and ill link to them) and they said after finishing your work wait about six months (i think) and then do edits that way it is fresh in your mind and you are more likely to find mistakes. Such a good idea.

What is your book peeve? Let me know in the comments below =]