Thursday, May 24, 2012

BBReview: "Prom Dates To Die For" By Mari Farthing

Genre: Young Adult -Paranormal/Anthology
Publishing Date: April 16th, 2012
Page Count: 140
Source: Sent to me by the publisher
Format: Paperback

Description from
Five young adult authors cordially invite you to five paranormal proms with...

Supernatural hunters hired to save a prom date hungry for souls

A reaper haunted by a past she doesn't remember

A prom queen seeking justice...and revenge

A loner musician called to save his classmates from an enemy only he can see

A heroine getting much more than she wished for on her 18th birthday and prom night

Fright, fun and unforgettable.

Darkness Becomes Him By Kelly Parra:
I really really liked Darkness Becomes Him, and i would really love to see it made into a novel and not just a short story. It has a lot of potential to be a really good series. I loved everything about it, and it was a great start to the anthology. Definitely my favorite story.

The Bone Flower By Heather Dearly:
I had high hopes for this ones, because i thought it would be cool to read about a reaper, but it ended up falling a little flat for me. It was definitely great for a short story, because i think if it would have been more true to reaping that it would have ended too short and would have disappointed me since it is a short story. I wish it would have been longer so that the story could have been built up more.

Every Breath You Take By Lena Brown:
Very creepy story. Definitely my third favorite story. I had the feeling possession was going to happen, but i didn't really know at the same time. I just loved how creepy everything felt. It was awesome that everything had that 80's feel to it, though. I could definitely feel a time era difference when the prom queen would come out. Very good story, and it was perfect as a short story!

A Kiss on the Threshold By Aaron Smith:
This was a good story. It was a little out of my element and personal liking, because it was more science fiction paranormal, but it was still good. If it would have been a normal length novel, i probably wouldn't have liked it, but since it was a short story i was able to stay focused and get through it. Loved the ending, so romantic lol.

Tonight, You're Mine By Jenny Peterson:
This is my second favorite story in the series. I really wish it was turned into a series, because it has so much potential to be one. It was such a good story. I love reading about paranormal hunters, it is just so interesting to me =D Really, really great story!

I really liked this anthology. It was the perfect length and was filled with really good stories. My order for most liked to least liked would be 1. Darkness Become Him by Kelly Parra, 2. Tonight, You're Mine by Jenny Peterson, 3. Every Breath You Take By Lena Brown, 4. A Kiss on the Threshold by Aaron Smith, and 5. The Bone Flower by Heather Dearly. Really glad i had the opportunity to read this, because it was a great little break from reading full length novels. Definitely worth a read =D

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5

*Book image and description are from The image and description are linked to web page. This novel was sent to me by the author and its representatives for an honest review*