Monday, December 19, 2011

Question of the Moment 49

Is there a classic book/movie that you are willing to read/watch every version of it? If not is there a book that you are willing to re-read till the end of time? Which one and what about it makes you keep coming back?

Mine is Pride & Prejudice and Beauty & the Beast. I read every modern remake for both movie and books for both of these titles. They are my favorite. I just love reading the new versions that people have come up with, because they always stick to the same story line but just give it a new flavor. So far i have been reading ALL the modern remakes of Pride & Prejudice and they have yet to be a let down. I think i keep coming back, because i just love the story and i don't want it to end.

So what book keeps you reading? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. How have you been, Becky? It's been far too long. I hope things are well with you..
    I am a horror author and reader; however, the book that I read over and over again is Beach Music by Pat Conroy. It is the most brilliant prose that I have ever read. If I could write even half as well as Mr. Conroy I would be a happy man.
    Happy Holidays, my friend!!


  2. Pride and Prejudice is my choice as well. I love the movies as much as I love the book. Have you read Prom and Prejudice? It's also a retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I really enjoyed it.

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books

  3. It has been way too long. Things are great im just trying to get back into the blog flow while im on holiday break from college. Sounds like a great book, ill have to look into it.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Oh yes, i LOVED Prom and Prejudice. Such a cute book =D


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