Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BBReview: "Dark Beauty" By Taryn Browning

Genre: Young Adult -Paranormal
Publishing Date: August 6th, 2011
Page Count: 54
Source: Sent to me by the author
Format: Paperback

Description from
For fifteen-year-old Seeker, Isabelle Crowe, ridding the Houston streets of the undead is an inherited duty, passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. During her first night without her mentor, she encounters Abram, a more experienced Seeker from Chicago looking to avenge his cousin's death. Isabelle quickly learns she must work with Abram to protect her city. With one Seeker already dead, Isabelle's love of the hunt becomes a fight to survive.

There are too many good things to say about this short story. I was completely surprised by just how good it was. I thought it was going to be another vampire story that interested me and that i liked, but was nothing new. That it would be the same old, same old that i like and read on a normal basis. Dark Beauty is anything but same old, same old to me. This short story is fun, beautifully written, and just plain amazing. When i reached the end i literally said out loud, "That's it? But i really like this story!". That is the only problem with reading prequels, you get too into them and then they are over.

Isabelle Crowe is a pretty normal teenager, besides the fact that she is a seeker, which means she is a vampire hunter. What i really like about her is that she seems very independent and very confident in her abilities, she doesn't take crap from anyone and shes not afraid to dish it out. As soon as she met Abram i was in love. I really like his character and love that he is arrogant, but also really sweet at the same time. The story so far seems amazing. It is packed with action and seems like it may have a little darker side than the typical YA vampire novel, which i really like. Add that action with a little steam from Abram and you've got yourself an amazingly great read.

I really, really loved this prequel. I read it in one sitting in about thirty minutes tops, and was SO upset when it was over. Isabelle's character seems super independent and tough, and not afraid to pick a fight, adding that type of character with a steamy, arrogant guy who purposely pushes her buttons and you've got me hooked. I couldn't get enough of this story and i absolutely cannot wait to read Dark Seeker, which is the official first book in the seeker series. I recommend this prequel to anyone interested in the seeker series, anyone into YA, and anyone who loves vampire slayers.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5