Friday, July 15, 2011


Hello everyone,

This Saturday i am leaving to go up north to Gaylord, MI for a family cabin trip!! I am very excited about this as you can tell, but the only thing is that i don't know what is going to happen with the blog. Its time's like this when i think about recruiting my best friend to partner this blog with me. Anywhoo, since i have AT&T i got the tethering feature where i have my own hotspot through my phone, so I'm bringing all my electronic devices with me so that i can still blog throughout the week. The only thing is that i need a signal to get my internet and i don't know how the cell service is going to be. I know that gaylord isn't some place that is in the middle of no where, but if i am in the woods or a remote area then i just don't know how the reception is going to be. If you are from here then let me know your experience with cell signal.

Anyways the point of me telling you all this boring information is that if i get service then my blog will not be affected and i will still be doing my daily posts, but if i do not get a signal then i wont be able to talk to you guys/post until next friday night. Hopefully i get signal, so nothing will be affected so cross your fingers!!

Just wanted to let everyone know so you don't think i abandoned the blog =]

Hopefully ill talk to you all soon!! Happy Reading,