Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow Friday #8

This Weeks Follow Friday Question:
What do i do when i are not reading?
When i am not reading i usually am blogging, having family time, Hanging out with my boyfriend, watching TV, or sleeping. Those are pretty much all the things i do. Pretty soon ill also be working in my spare time (i start today) OH and i also hang out with my sorority sisters. Blogging usually comes first, because i love it so much. I am so happy i decided to start a blog just for my books, I'm pretty sure they appreciate it as well =D My family is very close so usually every weekend we are doing something together. I LOVE my boyfriend, we have been together for four years, high school sweet hearts ♥. He lives 40 minutes from me so we usually only get to hang out a couple days a week if that. TV i watch anything, but i usually watch a lot of guilty pleasure shows (Secret Life of the American Teenager, Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Nine Lives of Chloe King, Keeping up with the Kardashians) I LOVE sleep so i spend about half of the day doing that, especially since I'm a night owl. The other two (work and sorority sisters) are pretty self-explanitory so ill just leave it at that since this is already a long answer, but now i've given you guys plenty of things to comment about =]

Thanks for stopping by, hope to be following you soon!!
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