Monday, June 13, 2011

Question of the Moment 9

If you were a witch who wasn't supposed to use your powers no matter what, but you really wanted to use them to help out a friend in need, would you use them anyway or follow the rules?

It all depends on the consequences. If they aren't that bad then i would do it. If it's something like face death, then probably not. it also depends on what I'm trying to do for my friend. If it's the same situation as in the prequel (which youll find out what prequel tomorrow) then I would probably go ahead and do it. I'm not a rule breaker, I'm really a stickler for rules so I'm very picky about how/why I would break them, but I think the situation described in this prequel is a very good reason. To many anyways =)

Leave your answer in the comments below =)


  1. Well - I tend not to follow any rule given to me... that being said for me NOT to help my friend the consequence would have to be pretty freaking scary for me not to help our said friend... but even then, I just might if it is a really good friend - you know, a true friend.

  2. @Mflick1 - haha you're like the total opposite of me. I never break rules.


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