Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Weekly Blog Schedule!!

Yes, i have finally decided to make a schedule for my blog =] Here is what it will be, details included!!

Monday - Question of the Moment (QOTM): Now, instead of posting QOTM's after each book review i will post them on Mondays before the review. AND, since i just found out this was better since QOTM 4, they will correlate to the book i am currently reading and reviewing. So you will get a little sneek on monday about what  my next review will be about.

Tuesday - Book Review : Each tuesday there will be a book review. If i read more than one book during the week then the first one will be up on tuesday and the rest will be up scattered through the week with their QOTM included at the bottom of that review.

Wednesday - In My Mailbox (IMM) :  I know that people usually post them on Sunday, but Wednesday works better for me. Its right after my review day and its in the middle of the week which i like. Which means that this Wednesday will be my first ever IMM!!! Im so excited lol. It wont be a vlog though. At least not for the first couple, im too nervous lol.

Thursday - Booking Through Thursday : I just started doing a new meme called booking through thursday which is a weekly book blog meme where you get a book related question. For more information about it go see mine from last thursday.

Friday - Follow Friday : Since follow friday takes up a lot of my day (writing the post, posting the link to parajunkee, looking at others, following them or writing their name down when GFC is down, commenting on their ff post, waiting for more to add their link, replying to comments, re-following them, etc.) i decided that i should just devote the whole day to that.

Saturday and Sunday are currently my days off to just read and have family/friend time, but when i finally find a job and have money Saturday will be my day off and Sunday will be the day that i do giveaways.

Hope you all like the new schedule and are excited for new posts!!

-Becky @ Book Bite Reviews