Monday, June 27, 2011

Question of the Moment 12

If there was someone or people trying to kill you and they finally have you in their grasp and are about to end your life would be able to be strong and not give them the pleasure of seeing you in fear?

I know the answer to this right away. Its a big, huge, confident NO. I would love to think that i could be strong and courageous and hold it all in and be tough, but i know myself and there is no way that i could. I know that if i think about this situation right now i would tell myself that i can be stong and that i would never give them the satisfaction of hearing me scream and beg for my life, but in reality i know i can never be that person. I wish i could, but i cant. I crack under pressure, im an emotional wreck, i can never keep them under control. I honestly remind myself of Bonnie from the Vampire Diaries (the book version) except when she gets scared she is stronger, im the exact opposite. Im like her because im naive and child-like sometimes and am very small and innocent, but when im scared IM A WRECK!! You should have seen me after going to the theatre to see Paranormal Activity and then sleeping in a dark room...i cried lol. So, no i could not be strong enough to hold in my fear.

Are you a total wuss like me? Or are you strong and heroic? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. Hmmm, interesting question Becky. Also I'm sorry to see that I've obviously missed a few over the last couple of weeks.

    But back to this question. I'm pretty good under pressure and only really tun into a wobbly pile of nerves once the situation is over. But I think if someone was about to kill me that they would know I was afraid - there is only so long you can try and keep a calm face going.

    The Word Fiend

  2. My face tells all. Great blog. I am a new follower GFC and would love a follow visit on my blog when you have a moment. Loved visiting here. Donna

  3. @Shelagh - Oh thats ok =] You can always go back and answer if you really want to lol. And yea, even if i was a tough cookie and could take it i would have to break down eventually.

    @Donna - Thanks for commenting and following =] Ill go check it out now.

  4. you would be surprized what you would do....dont sale yourself short,,,survival instincts kick in,,,and I will almost bet you would fight,,back,,
    and if your anything like me,,Im as stubborn as they come,,I might get defeated in the end,,but by attackers will know Id been there...

    where do you come up with these questions..lollol
    and thanks for the smaller button,,,it was no big deal..

  5. @Jennifer_After_Dark - Yea thats true, i might just whip out some awesome moves and save my self haha. As far as where the questions come from... i just read the book im going to post a review for and then think about what ive read and what i could ask you guys from that book without saying this is what happens or giving away an spoilers. I just think its nice to be active with you guys and also to have it correlate to the book that will be reviewed next so you guys also get a sneak peak as to whats gonna happen. And no problem at all, happy to help.


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