Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BBReview: "The Vampire Diaries 7: The Return Vol. 3: Midnight" By L.J. Smith

Genre: Young Adult -Paranormal
Publishing Date: March 15th, 2011
Page Count: 567
Source: Bought from Amazon
Format: E-Book

Description from Amazon:
The devil you know . . .

With the help of charming and devious Damon, Elena rescued her vampire love, Stefan, from the depths of the Dark Dimension. But neither brother returned unscathed.

Stefan is weak from his long imprisonment and needs more blood than Elena alone can give him, while a strange magic has turned Damon into a human. Savage and desperate, Damon will do anything to become a vampire again—even travel back to hell. But what will happen when he accidentally takes Bonnie with him?

Stefan and Elena hurry to rescue their innocent friend from the Dark Dimension, leaving Matt and Meredith to save their hometown from the dangerous spirits that have taken hold of Fell's Church. One by one, children are succumbing to demonic designs. But Matt and Meredith soon discover that the source of the evil is darker—and closer—than they ever could have imagined. . . .

Where to begin with this? I honestly did like this one a lot more than Nightfall and i liked it a little more than Shadow Souls. It is definitely different than the other books and it was a much easier read. I dont know why, but i just found myself zooming through it like it was nothing. Although i do not agree with love triangles, and i especially hate how Elena reminds me more and more of Katherine everyday, but once i got to the end of this book and L.J. Smith finally let Elena unravel her feelings towards both Salvatore brothers i finally understood and accepted it. Now i dont have so much of a problem with it now that Elena has finally expressed her feelings fully about both to the reader.

I have to admit though that i really want Damon to just fall in love with Bonnie and forget about Elena and that Elena learn to just love Damon as a brother. I think him and Bonnie would make a great couple and i want Bonnie to finally have a guy who loves her and worships her. I feel like this novel was more of a thriller and more action and adventure-like. I really did like how it was told and how it kept switching from between the two worlds to tell what was happening in Fells Church and then what was happening in the Dark Dimension. The cliff hanger is also pretty huge. I cannot wait to read what is going to happen now that everything has changed and to get some answers to explain the part about Damon at the very end. Im so happy that that cliff hanger is there though, because if that last little part about Damon wasnt there then i would have as big of an urge to read the next one. Good Job L.J. Smith lol.

I feel that this novel is much better than the first two in the return series, and that it is a much easier read and a lot more fun to read. It also doesnt seem as dark as the other two. Trust me, there is still some very creepy, dark, horrific parts and parts that i wouldnt wish on anyone to go through, but it was a little lighter. It wasnt all just gloom and doom and the characters are becoming more and more bad-ass =]

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5