Wednesday, September 13, 2017

{Excerpt} "Moribund" by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
(Circuit Fae #1)
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: September 12th 2017
Genres: LGBTQ+, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Dark Fae. Romance. Evil Plots. High school. Our heroines could be in for the greatest adventure ever.
If only they could decide whether to kill or kiss each other.
High school sophomore Syl Skye is an ordinary girl. At least, she’s trying to be. School photographer and all-around geek, she introverts hard and keeps her crush on sexy-hot glam-Goth alt-rock star Euphoria on the down-low. But when a freak accident Awakens her slumbering power, Syl is forced to accept a destiny she never wanted—as the last sleeper-princess of the fair Fae.
Suddenly hunted by the dark Fae, Syl’s pretty sure things can’t get any worse. Until she discovers her secret crush, Euphoria, is really a dark Circuit Fae able to harness the killing magic in technology. Even worse, she’s been sent to destroy Syl.
With mean girls and magic and dark Fae trying to kill her, it’ll take more than just “clap if you believe in fairies” to save Syl’s bacon—not to mention, her heart.
Perfect for readers of romance, urban fantasy, fairy stories and LGBT.


This scene happens after our heroine Syl, who doesn’t know she’s a sleeper-princess of the fair Fae, meets Euphoria, the dark Fae princess-assassin who’s secretly come to kill her.

 Hours later, sweaty and stinking of peanut sauce, spices, and satay, I step into the back alley of Elephant Thai for my “smoke break.” I don’t actually smoke, but when I noticed smokers got twice the number of breaks, I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say, I’m a dirty Liar McLiarface. Whatever. Fair is fair. I take a deep breath, trying not to smell the rancid Dumpster, and lean against the grungy wall. Today has been crazy-bananapants. First Fiann all up in my ladybusiness and then Euphoria, and no one knows it’s her? And then she gives me a motorcycle ride—the Euphoria, glam-Goth rock star. I didn’t even know she was my age. She seems so much older, and yet, I saw her schedule. She’s definitely in my grade. Aaaaaaand…attending high school for some publicity stunt? It makes a weird sort of sense. I mean, she could be doing research for a new album or even a movie role. All I know for sure is it’s all super-surreal, like I’m the one who’s stepped into a movie where the ordinary dorky girl discovers she’s not so ordinary. I mean, seriously, what is going on? I wipe my sweaty hands on my apron. I should get back inside. The crunch of a soda can. I spin around, staring into the dark alleyway. The streetlight barely penetrates the far side of it, casting thin light in slats all the way down to where I’m standing. Anything could be lurking there. Quit it, Syl. It’s probably a homeless guy. They do hang out here on Mondays to raid the Dumpster. I usually triple-bag the leftover food and set it on top with smiley faces on it. The restaurant only throws it away anyway. A bottle tink, tink, tinks…and comes spinning out of the alley. I stop it with my foot. A dark shadow stretches and hunches against the alley walls. Panic prickles the hairs at the back of my neck, and a fresh layer of sweat breaks out all over me. I can’t see what it is, but my body knows enough to be afraid. From the alleyway, a low growl rumbles. A jolt of fright spears me. Two glowing-green eyes wink open in the pitchy-dark, then two more, and two more… Daaaaaannnnnnnggg… I back up fast and fetch against something solid. A hand lands on my shoulder. My scream echoes down the alley. “Syl!” I jump and turn, looking up into Euphoria’s face. “Euph—” “Nope,” she cuts me off, but her gaze is on the alley. Does she see the freaky eyes? “Off-stage, I’m just Roue.” Apparently not. “Roue.” Cautiously, I peer into the alleyway, but the shadows and glowing eyes are gone. I’m panting now, leaning over, hands on my thighs. The fear still having its way with me. “Wh-what are you doing here?” “I came to pick you up.” She shrugs a shoulder and manages to look both sheepish and super-cool all at once. “I know you left your bike at school.” “Yeesssss…” I drag the word out while I wait for reality to kick in. There’s no way I’m standing in a dirty alleyway outside my takeout job, talking to Euphoria. And there’s certainly no way on Gaea’s green Earth she’s here to pick me up. I mean, seriously. I’m just ordinary Syl Skye, geek, nerd, the weird “girl who lived.” “Um, I can leave.” She jerks a thumb at her Harley sitting there not ten feet from the door I came out. I swear, only Santa Claus is better at sneaking in and out of places. Say something. She’s going to leave, dummy! My brain finally kicks in. “Oh! No… I mean, yes. I mean…” Good going. I take a breath. “What I mean is that I still have half an hour left.” “Okay, sure.” She nods. “I’ll just wait here for you.” Holy—! She’s going to wait for me. “You can come inside if you want. The kanom jeeb and stuffed chicken wings are pretty boss.” She smiles almost shyly as she shakes her head no, and my heart seizes. “All right. I’ll be back in a half hour. Don’t…” I swallow my uncertainty. “Don’t disappear on me.” A soft, rolling laugh. “I won’t.” “Okay.” I stand there, drinking in the sight of her leaning against her sleek black Harley. I could look at her for hours. You’re staring, Syl. I yank myself away and head back to the door. “See you soon,” she calls. I go back in, my heart soaring like maybe I am in that movie, after all.


About Genevieve Iseult Eldredge:
Raised by witches and dragons in the northern wilds, GIE writes angsty urban fantasy YA romance--where girls who are mortal enemies kick butt, take names, and fall in love against all odds.
She enjoys long hikes in the woods (where better to find the fair folk?), believing in fairies (in fact, she's clapping right now), dancing with dark elves (always wear your best shoes), being a self-rescuing princess (hello, black belt!), and writing diverse books about teenage girls finding love, romance, and their own inner power.
She might be planning high tea at the Fae Court right now.
GIE is multi-published, and in her role as an editor has helped hundreds of authors make their dream of being published a reality.