Friday, September 22, 2017

{Excerpt} "Ann, Not Annie" by Sage Steadman

Ann, Not Annie 
Sage Steadman
Publication date: September 20th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Ann, not Annie, is tired of her nominal existence and has vowed to turn things around by dating the hottest guy in school, Jacob Waters. Easier said than done since Jacob isn’t even aware she exists. The truth is, due to Ann’s lively temper she spends more time in detention with the rest of the school rejects than she does fantasizing about Jacob Waters wearing spandex.
Her best friend and devout alien believer, Lisa, doesn’t like the changes she’s seeing in her BFF. Neither does Danny Feller, a fellow detention inmate and resident lost boy who has started keeping an extra watchful and unwanted eye on Ann.
When a chance encounter in an empty hallway changes everything, Ann finds all her dreams coming true and she is well on her way to living the perfect life she’s always wanted. But appearances aren’t always what they seem and Ann is going to have to face not just cold hard facts, but also her past.


From Chapter 4

Ann kept her head down as she walked toward the double swinging doors that opened to the north-end student parking lot. She pushed past the first then second set of doors and ran smack into a pair of broad shoulders.
“Shit,” Ann said, stooping to pick up the loose papers that had fluttered to the ground.  
“You should really watch where you’re going,” a male voice answered from above.
“I could say the same. And don’t bother helping me pick up my stuff.” Ann slapped the papers together angrily. She immediately regretted the suggestion when the boy stooped and picked up the stages of grief pamphlet. Thanks, Bob. Ann hid her humiliation behind her hair while the boy she didn’t have the courage to look at yet picked up her notebook that had flipped open to her detention escape plan. Ann, thoroughly embarrassed now, went to snatch the two items from his hand. She grabbed hold of the notebook and gave it a solid tug, but the boy didn’t release his grasp. Ann finally looked up to see Jacob Waters smirking at her.
Ann’s breath caught. Jacob Waters was the hottest senior in school. She had only talked to him one time before, when he came to pick up William for a party, but that was a year ago and she wasn’t even sure if he remembered her.
“You’re welcome,” he said, releasing the papers.
“Thanks,” Ann managed to say. Jacob smirked. Ann wanted to say something, drop Will’s name or smile back, but it had been awhile since she’d smiled and it was as if her mouth forgot how. “So, uh, you know my—” Ann started to say when she was interrupted by a squeaky female voice calling Jacob’s name from down the hall. Ann hated that she knew exactly whose voice that was from having to bear its obnoxious tone in Chemistry.
“Scavorski.” Jacob stood. “Still need a ride?”
Her first name was Pam. As in “no-stick cooking spray.” As in the stuff Ann was sure Singleton was inhaling on a daily basis.
Jacob slung his arm around Pam’s shoulders and led her to his ostentatious red convertible. (I wasn’t there, but I’m going to assume he probably had his shirt collar popped—yeah, he’s that guy.)
“Guys! Wait up!” Krissy Stevenson called, walking past Ann. Her high heels punctured holes in Ann’s loose papers. Ann grunted her annoyance. String Bean was dragging her boyfriend, Greg Arbertson along with her, fingers intertwined. Greg made an inaudible snide remark and Krissy started laughing. Ann figured it was at her expense.
“Ha. Ha,” Ann muttered, knowing that anything Greg said couldn’t be that funny. Greg made Grease-ball look like a child prodigy on acid. Still she sighed, knowing that if there was ever going to be a chance to get in with Jacob Waters, she had just blown it.


About Sage Steadman:
Sage Steadman was awarded a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah. While pursuing her passion for writing, she worked as a licensed mental health therapist. She published her debut novel, “Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter,” in 2010 under her pen name, The Hippie, and since, re-released the second edition under her real name. The novel has been deemed an “idyllic” read, filled with love, humor, romance and heart. She is also the co-author of the gritty and inspiring historical fiction novel, “Upon Destiny’s Song,” alongside classical guitarist, Mike Ericksen, and has penned an article on teen cutting for Canadian Magazine, “Edmonton’s Child.” She has recently produced a stunning and thought-reflecting novella entitled, “The Waking Dream.” Sage is heralded as a talented writer who tackles her novels with a witty, raw and honest approach. She currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with family.