Thursday, September 3, 2015

BBReview: "The Kiss Series 1: The Accidental Kiss" by Nicole Simone

Genre: Young Adult - Paranormal/Romance
Publishing Date: August 12th, 2014
Page Count: 221
Source: Sent to me by the Author
Format: Kindle E-Book

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They were like fire and ice.

But he was everything she didn’t know she needed.

Marked by tragedy, Sky Noel leaves Los Angeles with her mom to start anew in Castor, a small town in Louisiana. It was supposed to be Sky’s chance to have a normal life but she soon finds out normal isn’t written in her DNA.

When a mysterious boy named Daemon shakes up Sky’s fragile hold on reality, she is thrust into a world where zombies and voodoo not only exist in the pages of a novel. They are hidden in the darkest corners where danger lurks and death awaits. With a price on her head, Sky has to put her trust in the boy with the ocean blue eyes but is Daemon everything she was warned against and more?

Tricked into selling his soul, Daemon lives out his existence at the mercy of the voodoo priest. That is until one fateful night when his path is forever changed.

Desperate to atone for his sins, Daemon brings it upon himself to protect Sky at any cost. However, a secret hidden in his past could rip away the very person who makes him feel human again.
The Accidental Kiss started out strong, but then lost it's luster. Daemon is a super hot, untouchable guy, and that is right up my alley. It kind of reminded me of Twilight, in a good way. Edward was this super hot, untouchable guy that all the girls told Bella to not waste her time on. It was sort of the same thing with Daemon and Sky. The people in Sky's life all had strong personalities. This is a huge plus with me, because I wanted to get to know these people. I wanted to spend time with them, through Sky's eyes, and really care about them. These were all huge positives that made me finish this book.

But then things took a turn. Sky learns the truth about her heritage and everything goes from normal pacing to high speed. This whole book takes place in just a matter of days. It was way too quick. There just simply wasn't enough time to get to know the characters enough to care about them. This is a big no-no with me. If you speed things up, you better only do it when I have created a relationship for the characters. However, The Accidental Kiss did not let me establish a connection before ramping up to top speed. Daemon was sexy and cocky, which are all things I love in the male love interest, but I didn't get to know him enough to fall for him with Sky, and Sky falls hard. I just didn't get her attraction. I mean I get her attraction, but how she fell in love with him so quickly is beyond me.

Another thing that grinded my gears about this book is that there was a huge plot flaw. Sky would have been completely out of danger if she shed her virginity. I know this next statement is probably going to be very controversial, but if I was Sky I would have just had sex. I mean, she instantly falls in love with Daemon, and under normal circumstances I would say, "wait until you know he's truly the one you want to lose it to", but these are not normal circumstances! Zombies and a Voodoo priest are after her! LOSE THAT SHIT!

Finally, thanks to the super speed, the ending wrapped up way too quickly and easily. I just felt like we had all this built up tension throughout the entire book, and then BAM it all ends in about 10 pages. If I would have gotten to know the characters better I would have felt something the way it ends, but since I didn't get to know them, I felt nothing. It was really terrible knowing I should be crying or feeling something, but not feeling anything.

I was just not that impressed. There was a lot of built up tension throughout the story, but then the ending only lasted about 10 pages. The ending was pretty dramatic, and I should have cried or felt something, but since the story was so rushed I didn't get any time to build a relationship with the characters. When the ending happened, I just didn't care, and that's terrible. This book had a lot of potential for me, but in the end I just wasn't impressed. Regardless, I definitely encourage you to pick it up and judge it for yourself. I am sure there are tons of people out there who absolutely loved it, unfortunately I was just not one of them.

Rating: ♥ ♥ 2/5

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