Monday, May 11, 2015

BEA Bound ~ What I plan to do while in NYC

On top of attending BEA my mom and I love to explore the city. This is the last year that BEA will be held in New York before they move to Chicago so, my mom and I are planning to get our fill of the city while on the trip before we say a temporary goodbye. I thought it would be fun to share what we plan on doing this trip. 

Go See the Statue of Liberty:
Our first year attending BEA we took a ferry to see the statue of liberty. We didn't get to go up to her, but this time we plan to. We really wanted to go inside, but for some reason (maybe wind?) you can't for another month. Regardless we plan on going up to her, take pictures, and really see how big or small she really is. 

Visit the New York City Public Library:
During past visits to New York we have walked past the library, but have always gotten there when it was closed. This year I want to go inside. We were able to peek in the window and it looks absolutely beautiful. Hopefully we can make time in our busy schedules to stop by and go inside.

Go to The Strand Bookstore:
I have been here every year, but since it is our last time for a bit I want to go again and buy souvenirs. I plan on buying shirts and mugs, and maybe some other gifts. 

Go to Obscura:
If you ever watched the show "Oddities" on the Science Channel, you have heard of this awesome antique shop. If you haven't then you wouldn't know that this isn't your average antique shop. It carries weird antiques. Things like skeletons, shrunken heads, antique medical devices, antique creepy toys. It is awesome. Last year my mom and I found it and bought some small things, but this year I hope to buy something really awesome for a pretty penny. 

Find SVU Sites:
My mom and I's favorite show is Law & Order: SVU. Hopefully I can research where some of the iconic SVU sites are and we can visit them. I think it would be really awesome. 

Indulge Ourselves at our Favorite Pizza Shop:
I can't think of what the name is for the life of me, but it is right by Penn Station. They have the best pizza in New York and my mom and I eat there almost every night. We seriously dream about their pizza, and I even caught my mom staring at picture of their pizza while eating regular, Michigan pizza so she could "pretend she was eating theirs". I'm salivating just thinking about it. 

I'm sure there are other things we will find to do, but these are definitely the must-do's. Are you going to BEA? What are you planning to do while in the city?