Thursday, March 12, 2015


Yes! It is finally official that I am attending BEA 2015! I am so freaking pumped and wish that it was May already! Actually I wish that it was April so that I can finally start planning my daily schedule for what events, authors, and booths I would like to go see. 

This also means that the blog will be filled with BEA related posts in the very near future. I plan on setting up a page devoted to all posts BEA related where you can find tips, tricks, and past BEA posts from previous years. I will OF COURSE be setting up my annual BEA giveaway where a winner will get to choose a book for me to get them autographed, along with awesome swag. I am still working out all the details, so you should see posts starting in about April.

I hope you are all as excited as I am! To those not attending this year I hope that you don't see any of my posts as me rubbing this in your face. I simply like sharing the experience and excitement. 

If you are attending BEA this year let me know in the comments below and make sure to say, "HI!" if you see me =D


  1. I SOOOOO wish I could go! But not only I am without a job still, I still have a fear of NYC! LOL! But if life goes well and I get a job soon, I plan to go next year when it's in Chicago! Much more doable there! I can even drive!!

    Hope you have fun!! I will definitely be looking at your tips next year, if all goes well! ;)

  2. I hope everything goes well! I will absolutely be there next year (and hopefully every year after that). I live in Michigan so it will definitely be closer for me, especially since I drive to NY already lol.


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