Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BBReview: "Georgina Kincaid 2: Succubus on Top" By Richelle Mead

Genre: Adult - Paranormal
Publishing Date: January 1st, 2008
Page Count: 314
Source: Borrowed from library
Format: Paperback

Description from
Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses Seth Mortensen, the shy, sexy writer she's been dating, she'll drain his life force. Admittedly, the shape shifting and immortality perks of a succubus are terrific, but it's completely unfair that a she-demon whose purpose is seduction can't get down with the one mortal who accepts her for who she is. . .
It's not just her personal life that's in chaos. Doug, Georgina's co-worker at a local bookstore, has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, and Georgina suspects something far more demonic than double espressos. She could use an assist from Bastien, an irresistibly charming incubus and her best immortal friend, but he's giving Georgina some highly distracting come-hither vibes. Georgina is going to have to work solo on this one--and fast, because soon, Doug's life won't be the only one on the line. . .

I thought Succubus on Top was a really good second book. It didn't have that "second book slump" where things start to drag until something finally happens that leads us into book three. I almost want to say that it had its own storyline, because although it does pick up where book one end, it starts a new chapter in Georgina's life. It reminds me of the episodes of Law & Order: SVU where there is mentions of things that have happened in previous shows, but the current episode has it's own story, set of characters, and plot that differs from episode to episode. I really enjoyed it.

I felt like book one was all about getting to know Georgina (and her world) and pursuing a bad guy. This one was more about Georgina's personal life. There was a still a bad guy that Georgina tries to stop (not the same one from book one), but that's not what this book is centered around. We really get to know Georgina on a more personal level, and we get to know Seth much more. It was really interesting learning the dynamics of their relationship.  I have to say that Georgina does something in this book that got me really upset with her. She does something I don't approve of in any sense and it got me so mad. On one hand I understand why she did it, but she didn't have to and she knew she was wrong. I was also very pissed off at Bastien (and kind of saw it coming), but he does admit it was equally his fault...after the fact...WAY after the fact. Ok, I'm done being ominous lol.

In the end I really loved how the book wrapped up. I'm glad Georgina ended up finding a loophole (you'll understand if you read it) and I was happy to see how well Seth is handing everything. He takes everything one step at a time and Georgina is really lucky to have found him.

Really great addition to the series. I was very pleased that it didn't end up having book two syndrome and that it held it's own storyline with a start and finish. I did get pissed with Georgina for what her and Bastien do, but I eventually got over it. She is just lucky she felt bad about it. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again in the series as I fully intend on continuing with this series. The only reason this wasn't a five star book is because there wasn't anything that really happened to wow me. It was good and I can't say there was anything wrong with it, but it wasn't amazing.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5

**The books cover, description, and info was all found on Goodreads. A link back has been provided. All other work and ideas are of my own creation. This book was borrowed from my local library.**