Monday, August 25, 2014

Bout of Books R-A-T Wrap up Post

Bout of Books

So I didn't accomplish all of my goals for the week, but I am still pretty proud of the progress I made.

My goal was to read 6 books, but I only read 2 full ones and started another one. I ended up reading 661 pages and I'm pretty proud of that. I would have probably read 3 full books, but the one I started wasn't that great and I had to put it in the DNF category.

I did have a goal of reading everyday for at least an hour and I'm pretty sure I did accomplish that and that it was more like at least 2 hours a day.

I did not make my goal of commenting on other peoples goals/update posts, BUT I did participate in a twitter chat for the first time in YEARS and I am SOOOOO happy! It was so much fun and now I know what I have been missing and will definitely try my hardest in the future to be in at least one every time there is a bout of books RAT.

Overall, not all my goals were met, but I am still very proud of my progress =D

How did you do?