Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I Plan to Do While in NYC

While in New York City for BEA I plan to do a couple of other things besides JUST attend the book conference. 

Here are the things on my list that I plan to do while there...

1. Go to the NYC library
Last year I found it while walking around New York and I didn't go in. I thought to myself, "it's just a library", but since then I have been wondering what it looks like on the inside, because the outside was beautiful and its huge! This year, I am going inside and taking pictures lol

2. Get a drink/Maybe go to a club
Last year I turned 21 and my mom and I were going to get a drink while we were in NYC, but we never ended up doing it. This year we are definitely getting a nice adult beverage while we are there, but we would also really like to check out one of the famous clubs in New York. This might not actually happen, but the drink for sure will lol

3. Go to the 9/11 Memorial Site Museum
Our first year in NYC my mom and I went to the 9/11 memorial site and the museum wasn't finished yet. This year is has officially opened and I would really love to go. I highly recommend you check it out. You have to get tickets online, but they are free. 

4. BEA Blogger Picnic
It's hosted  by The Overstuffed Bookcase. I went to the first one last year, and it was a really good time. I loved meeting fellow book bloggers in beautiful central park. I don't know if I will have time this year, but if I do I'll probably stop by.

5. Stop by Strands and Books of Wonder
These are two famous book stores in NYC. Strands is the most famous and carries rare books. I want to stop by and buy some book related items, like a shirt or a bag.
Books of Wonder specializes in signed YA and Children's books. I would love to stop by and see if they have anything that catches my eye that I would love to have a signed copy of.

Those are the things that I plan on doing while in NYC. What do you plan on doing?