Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My BEA Tips & Tricks

I don't have a lot of tips and tricks, but I do have a few. I figured I might as well share them with you all that are going or for those who plan on going in the future. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share make sure to leave a comment below!

Get everywhere early:
Each day you want to get to the javits center as early as possible to get a good place in line. People get there as soon as the center opens it seems, because no matter what there is always a line when I show up. 
This also applies to lines. I, personally, show up at least a half hour early to each signing so that I can get a good place in line. The best thing to do is to ask the person running the booth or line where the line starts so that you are in the right one. 

Talk to people:
I find out about surprise signings and galley drops from people in line with me, so make sure you are networking. Also make sure to go up to people working the booths and ask if they have a schedule of their signings, giveaways, and galley drops. They are there to answer questions, so utilize them. 

Walk around when you're not in line:
I always find galley drops and short lines for great signings when I'm just walking the floor. It's great to have a game plan of who you want to see, but make sure you leave some time to walk the floor.

Read the BEA paper every day:
Each morning people will be passing out a BEA newspaper. Make sure to get one (its free) and read it while in line. I have found galley drop schedules, surprise signings, and also reasons to skip a signing since they were signing a book I already had. 

Eat before and after the convention:
The food in the food court is a bit pricey, if you are on a budget make sure to eat a big breakfast and bring some snacks. This way you can find something cheap when you leave the convention. 

Make friends in line:
I have made some really great friends while at BEA, but I have also had some really great conversations with strangers. Don't alienate yourself and think it's every man for themselves. I have done book swaps in line and have also held someones place so that they could go find us some galleys. Having friends at BEA is a HUGE benefit and they will continue to be your friend after BEA. 

Be choosey:
Don't grab every book you see. Make sure before you run off into the sunset with that book you just grabbed that it's something you actually want. My first year at BEA I grabbed everything in sight and came home with way too many books that I ended up not even wanting. Just cause they are free, doesn't mean they have to be yours. 

Bring money:
There are donation booths everywhere, book to buy, BEA stuff to buy, and food all at the Javits center. Make sure you bring some cash with you so you can buy stuff. For some reason I forgot this one in all of my other BEA posts, but I finally remembered! 

Be organized:
BEA is SUPER hectic. If you are like me, craziness boggles your brain. Have a game plan set up so that when it gets hectic there is still some order to your life. Know who is going to what signings, where they are, and what time they are. It doesn't hurt to be as organized as possible. You can always deviate from the original game plan any time, but make sure you at least have one to start with. 

Those are my tips and tricks for keeping sane while at BEA. If you have any more suggestions leave them below. I hope you all have benefitted from all my BEA blog posts and are looking forward to my last BEA posts next week where I show you my haul and do another giveaway!!