Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend BEA: #3

Reason #3: Making Friends

BEA is such a perfect place to meet friends. You would think that since this is such a huge expo that there would be too many people there to try and make connections and there wouldn't even be time to try and meet friends, but there is so much time!
The first place to meet friends is at the book blogger conference. This is a conference only for book bloggers and is about everything that is book blog related. Here is the place you will meet a bunch of people with a common interest with you. They all love books, they all have blogs.
Now, sure they love books and they have a blog, but they won't all necessarily love the same books as you or blog about the same things you do. This is where the book lines come in.
There are a CRAP ton of books and authors at this event, and its hectic because you are running from author to author at certain times, but once you get to that authors line all you are going to do is just sit and wait for a very long time.
This is the time when people start to talk. You guys are now lovers of the same author! This is where I meet my closest friends, because then we have more in common than being book lovers and blogger, but we also like the same author. You will exchange business cards and will see each other all through the conference. You will do things for each other like hold spots while the other goes to find book drops for you both and will talk about all the other things book related that you want to gossip about.
I actually met two bloggers from Michigan (my home state) while in line and now we talk all the time and place to meet up at BEA every year.
It seriously is the best place to meet book friends. They are the best!

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