Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend BEA: #1

Reason #1: FREE BOOKS!!

What kind of book blogger or book lover would I be if I didn't mention the number one reason to attend BEA as getting free books? A terrible one I think.
Your #1 excuse for ever attending BEA should be to get free books. You will come home with hundreds if you want to and from every genre.
All types of books are represented at this conference and you will get your hands on so many.
My first year attending BEA my eyes were bigger than my bags and I grabbed every book I could get my hand on plus standing in lines to get some autographed. I came home with 300 books that year.
Now I come home with about 100 and those are all books that I am personally interested in and not just books that were within reach. Each book I grab either sounds good, looks good, or I know someone in my family would love.
Plus I also keep you guys in mind for giveaways.
It may sound awful, but the number #1 reason to attend BEA is getting free books. I'm not saying it's the most important reason, I am just saying that if you are trying to justify this trip to yourself or your family then the number one reason that is going to convince you or them is the free books.

If this countdown reflected important to attend BEA it would probably be the exact opposite order it is in now lol.

Thank you to everyone who checked out my countdown this week. I had a lot of fun writing it!
Make sure to continually check into the blog, because from now till May 27th the blog will be all things BEA, with some reviews mixed in as well.
Make sure to definitely look out for my big BEA GIVEAWAY!! That will be coming your way very soon =D