Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Question To My Readers

Hello lovely readers,

I am currently in an online reporting, writing, and researching class which is basically a class on blogging about the news. One thing that my professor brought up is that to have a successful blog you need to post a lot and your posts need to be short.

So this raised a question in my head that I wanted to ask you all.

Are my reviews too long?

I was just wondering if the posts I am currently doing are too lengthy for you guys. Yes, you find them interesting, but are they too long to keep you reading from the first word to the last? Should I shorten up my reviews and make them easier to skim? I pack my reviews with a lot of details so that if there is a book you are interested in reading (or have already read) and I review it, you can get a good sense on how I felt about it and why I rated it what I did, but are they too packed?

Am I overloading you guys on too many details on why I felt the way I did about a book? I could always do two reviews for each book; one short one and one lengthy one.

I don't know guys, which is why I am asking you. Do you think my reviews are too long and should I shorten them? Let me know in the comments below.