Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Number Survey

I saw this done by Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews and thought it looked like tons of fun. If you want to join in the fun, then be my guest and make sure to send me a link to yours!!


How to play:
1. Pick a number:  keep in mind how many books you have.  If you only have one bookshelf, maybe chose a number between 1 and 10.  If you have an entire library, go ahead and chose a larger number.

2. Go to your bookshelf and count that many books until you reach your number.  Answer the question for that book.

3. Count the same number from where you left off, and answer that question.

4. Repeat until you’re finished!


My number: 30

1.  What do you think of the cover?
(Charming By Elliott James)
I kind of like the cover, but then again I kind of don't. I would like it a LOT better if he wasn't holding that sword. It's too shiny and looks like a light saber. That just makes this book seem cheesy. 

2.  Write a review in 140 characters or less:
(After By Ellen Datlow and Terri Winding)

"I haven't read this one yet, but I have high hopes it will be good!"

3.  How or where did you get this book?
(Inbetween By Tara Fuller)

I bought it from Barnes and Nobles after hearing good things about it. 

4.  Who is your favorite character from this book?
(A Midsummer's Nightmare By Kody Keplinger)

I haven't read it yet so I don't have any favorite characters =(

5.  Recommend this book to a fellow blogger you think would like it.
(Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer)

I recommend this to Ashley from Support Indie Authors and Step Into Fiction. I have never asked if she has ever read it, but I'm sure she's gotta since we're hillbilly sisters and all =F

6.  How long ago did you read this book?
(The Catcher in the Rye By J.D. Salinger)

The last time I read it I was a senior in high school. I need to pick it up again since it's one of my all time favorites =D

7.  Name your favorite scene from this book.
(Soul Screamers Vol 1 By Rachel Vincent)

I have only read the first book in this volume and the prequel, but I think my favorite scene would probably be from the prequel and that would be when Kaylee is put in a mental hospital. It's my favorite because it is so raw and emotional. I literally cried. 

8.  Open up to page 87 and share a quote (no spoilers!):
(Anna Dressed in Blood By Kendare Blake)

"She looks a little pale, like she might have been crying or throwing up, but she's still dressed well and carrying books. Not terribly worse for wear."

9.  How did you hear about or discover this book?
(Goddess Interrupted By Aimee Carter)

This is the sequel in the Goddess Test series, and I heard about it of course after I read the first one. To be more helpful, I heard about the first one when I met Aimee Carter at a book signing, but I didn't think I would like her book so I didn't buy it. I ended up later borrowing it from my local library and loving it. 

10.  If you could redesign the cover, what would you do?
(Something Strange and Deadly By Susan Dennard)
Current Cover:

I really like this cover a lot, actually, but if I was going to change it I would make it look more like it's sequel,  A Darkness Strange and Lovely, because that it freaking beautiful!

Sequel Cover:

11.  Name your least favorite character in this book.
(Breathe By Abbi Glines)

I feel so terrible about myself. I haven't read this one either lol. Honestly I counted all the books I owned and then counted the number I have read, and let's just say it was an embarrassing number. I don't even want to count my kindle books. 

12.  Fill in the blanks:  If you like ___ then you should like (your book).
If you like Mean Girls then you should like Pretenders by Lisi Harrison

I haven't read this one either (of course), so I just guessed based on the description. 

13.  Name one cool thing about this book (under the dust jacket, illustrations, font, etc.)
(3:59 By Gretchen McNeil)

One cool thing is the color of the cover model's eye. It's so creepy and beautiful, and it feels like she is watching you. Fun Fact: this is the first Gretchen McNeil book I have started to read!

14.  Where is this set, and would you ever want to this visit this world/place?
(The Boyfriend App By Katie Sise)

Since I haven't read it YET I don't know what location it takes place, but I do know it takes place in High School and sure I'd visit High School. I am one of the lucky people who never thinks their high school years were the worst years of their life. 

15.  Who is this dedicated to?
(My Life After Now By Jessica Verdi)

This is dedicated to Michael, Jessica Verdi's inspiring and incredible friend. It is also dedicated to Paul, her wonderful and unfathomably supportive husband.