Thursday, June 27, 2013

Follow Friday #155

This Weeks Follow Friday Question:
What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, Ebooks, Paperback, etc.,?
My preferred reading format would first be audio books. I am completely obsessed with them. I just love that I can read and do other stuff at the same time, like crochet! My second favorite would be hardcover, because they are just so much more neater, more durable, and I love taking off the jacket and seeing if anything fancy is on the actual cover. Third would be ebooks. They are so portable and I can bring hundreds of books with me wherever I go, plus I can read in the dark =D, and last would be paperback only because they fall apart much easier. I hate when the cover bends while reading and then when you set it down it stays propped open. I'm a little OCD lmao. 

What is your preferred format? Also don't forget that GFC will be going away July 1st (supposedly) so make sure to follow via Feedly, Bloglovin, Email, or Linky!!

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  1. I agree with the durability of hardcover. New follower via GFC! Checke out my FF at

  2. Hopping through. I've just recently gotten into audiobooks. I like listening to them on double speed.

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  3. I can't do audiobooks at all, I dont have the attention span lol

    New GFC, Bloglovin, and Twitter follower

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  4. Happy Friday! I prefer reading paperbacks. I love the feel
    of real pages in my hand. I haven't listened to any books at all. I might try it soon.

    New BlogLovin follower.

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    Happy Reading! :)

  5. Not too big on audio books. Tried listening to one of my mom's once for a Dexter book and I didn't care for it. I guess because I like reading at my own pace and knowing what I'm reading!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  6. new follower :) I've never tried an audio book before because I wasn't sure if I would actually like it. but since I have 12 hours of driving this weekend by myself, I'm finally going to try it!

    tina @

  7. Have yet to try an audiobook. Keep reading good reviews about them. Since you like ebook feel free to join the giveaway New GFC and bloglovin follower.

  8. I have never tried an audio book. I don't know, seems like I will be too distracted by it, you know?But I should try it soon.

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  9. See, my younger brother loves Audio books, but I've never tried them. I guess I like reading as it occupies me, whereas I don't know if I'd get that same experience with audiobooks?

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  10. I prefer hardcovers because I get so annoyed when a paperback comes in the mail dented. Even the smallest dent bothers me so much and I love how hardcovers are harder to damage. Old follower :)

    -Scott Reads It!

  11. I love all books New follwer!

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  12. I love listening to audiobooks: all of that "down time" that would normally be wasted is now filled with stories!

    New follower via GFC. :)

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  13. I'm not sure how I would adapt to listening to audio books, I dont think that I'd be able to keep my attention on it. Whereas when I'm reading a physical copy of a book I devote myself to it :') New GFC Follower!

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    Annoushka @ Annoushka Reads

  14. At work I sometimes like to listen to audio books although only books I have already read and want to reread because I have a bad habit of zoning out and missing chunks of the book. I pay more attention when I am actually reading :) But they do make my shift go by quicker!

    New follower via blog lovin!

  15. I would like to try and audio book, but I work part-time and have a two minute commute. LOL Plus I read so dang fast that 8-10 hrs of audio spells at least 3 reads for me..

  16. Yea, sometimes I completely zone out and have to rewind to figure out what I missed lol. Thanks for the follows!!

  17. I have to admit, when I first started listening, I wasn't a big fan - I found myself not paying attention and thinking out other things sometimes. BUT, the more I listened, the more I am enjoying it! I have to drive the same trip in two weeks with my boyfriend, so we're going to get The Lord of the Rings

  18. Awesome! Glad to see you're a new fan =D


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