Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!! #1

If any of you pay attention to my usual weekly Pinterest meme you will notice that this is a whole new title, button, and link-up site. Oh and also that this one is numbered #1. That would be because my original Pinterest meme has decided to discontinue. The host only got a couple people each week to link up and the numbers weren't growing so she decided to just cut her loses. That is her prerogative, I would probably do the same thing honestly so no hard feelings. SO I have found a new place to link-up, because I honestly love this meme so here we go! 

"Oh, How Pinteresting!!" is a weekly meme hosted by The Vintage Apple and I cannot wait to start making this my new Pinterest meme every week. The host posts up every Wednesday (which is when I will be trying to do it as well), but you can do it any day you want. Now it doesn't have to be book related or blog related pins, it can be ANYTHING. Pure imagination with this guys. AND there isn't any format to follow except include the button, embed some pins you pinned, and link up. 
I always wanted one of these. 

I am absolutely in love with this pearl nail polish. I want some SO bad!

Absolutely beautiful wedding wedges. I think this may be my shoe of choice for that big day.

Yes, sir. 

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest
Aren't these adorable?!? I want a pair, but on Etsy its like $135 so I'm gonna try to find them cheaper. OR make them myself.

Don't know why, but I love that tree tattoo.

What a perfect picture. Books. Cat. Owl. Ah what more can you ask for?

Little baby stingray. THE cutest thing I have ever seen!
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