Thursday, October 4, 2012

READ THIS!! If your subscribed via email this pertains to you

So for whatever reason I haven't been paying attention to what is changing very soon on blogger. There are rumors that FeedBurner is going to shut down sometime this month, instead of just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best I am going to go ahead and set FEEDCAT. 

If you do follow me via email it would be AWESOME if you would go ahead and subscribe via FEEDCAT now. You can go ahead and cancel your subscription to FeedBurner and once it goes down I will delete it from the site. Until it goes down you will still get emails about my posts, but just to be safe go ahead and subscribe with FEEDCAT. 

Don't know how? No problem I took a screen shot =D
On the right side bar just about the old email subscription is the FEEDCAT. Hover your mouse over the blue button that says readers and a little window will pop down. Click the type box next to the little pencil and it will say "Type your email address here..." Fill it out and then hit subscribe. That simple. 

So again please, please, please go subscribe with FEEDCAT so you don't miss out on anything. If you do not wish to re-subscribe I completely understand and just want to say thank you for sticking with the blog and being a wonderful follower this long. You have no idea how much you followers mean to me =D