Saturday, September 1, 2012

{Excerpt & GIANT Giveaway info} "The Burning Star" By Jesse Lane

The author duo Jesse Lane has been very hard at work doing re-edits for their debut novel The Burning Star. In honor of finishing all that hard work and the upcoming birthday of Melissa (one half of the author duo) on September 10th, they have decided to do a HUGE e-book giveaway of their novel. 

They will be giving away FREE e-book copies through B&N, Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance/OMNI Lit starting 9/1/12 to 9/10/12

Once the giveaway is over (on 9/11/12) the e-book will go back to its original price of $1.99 so hurry up and get your FREE copy before the sale ends! 

In order to get your FREE copy please visit any of the following sites =)
Apple iBooks

Where you can buy a print copy
She'll have to believe the unbelievable to survive. 
The doctors have told Kay that she will die before she reachers her eighteenth birthday. Her mother's determination to save her life leads them to move outside of Asheville, NC to a new set of cancer specialists in the hopes to help her. But it's not what Kay and her Mom find in the doctor's offices in Asheville that lead them on the journey to save her before time runs out. It's what Kay finds in the woods outside of Asheville, and an inhumanly gorgeous guy named Ryan, instead.
Myths and fairy tales come to life before Kay's eyes, bringing her closer to the ultimate cure if she can stay alive long enough to get there. And if the cancer doesn't kill her before she finds the cure, the secrets her mother has hidden from her may be the beginning of the end. 
Can she reach her destiny before tragedy strikes?
All I could think wasthat if I concentrated on cleaning his gash then maybe I wouldn’t make myselflook like an idiot anymore. The concentrating helped because I could just feelhis eyes on me. I wanted to ask him what he was thinking, or why he wasstaring, but I thought it was better to just stay quiet and clean his arm. Iworked quickly and when I was done I looked up into his face with a somewhatsteely determination not to make an ass out of myself anymore today. “Hey, youthink you can handle it if we clean it off with alcohol. I bet it’s going tosting like a bitch, but I’m afraid it might get infected if we don’t.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Hesaid as he concentrated on my face.

“Are you sure? Becausea cut like that, I bet it’s going to hurt. Like hurt a lot.” I inwardly debatedif he was trying to be brave, or if he was nuts enough that he just didn’tcare. My bet was nuts.
Ryan put on a confidentface and said, “I think I can handle it. But if it makes you feel any better Ipromise I won’t scream like a little girl.”
Well at least I couldgo get the alcohol without feeling like I hadn’t warned him properly. “Ok, waithere. I’ll go get the alcohol out of the bathroom, and I’ll be right back.” Iheaded out of the kitchen and turned right down the hall towards that bathroom.I snagged it out from underneath the bathroom sink cabinet and hurried back tothe kitchen because some part of my brain still couldn’t believe that there wasan exceptionally hot half naked guy in my kitchen. But sure enough I roundedthe corner and he was still standing there waiting for me. “So, do you want meto like pat it on with the rag or…”

“No just pour itstraight into the wound. That’s the best way to avoid any infection.” And withthat comment he positioned his arm over the sink so that we wouldn’t make amess. I just shook my head. He really was nuts.

“I’m betting twentybucks you scream like a girl.” I chided.

“And I’m betting a datewith you that I won’t scream like a girl.” He stared intently at my shockedface with a cocky little grin as I absorbed his comment in.

“Ok.” Really? I thought to myself. That’s all you can come up with is ‘ok’?He’ll think you’re oh so smooth now. In fact, I’m sure I just won the ‘smoothaward’ somewhere.

I shook my head andgingerly started to pour the alcohol into the gash that ran nearly from hisshoulder to right above his elbow. As I braced myself for the scream that I wassure he had coming, when the alcohol hit his wound he gasped from the pain andthen snapped his jaw shut. His face became clenched and contorted from pain andhis entire body literally locked up in a spasm of sorts. Jerking the bottleupright and setting it on the kitchen counter; I stared into his distortedface. He was in so much pain that I had absolutely no idea how he was notscreaming. His body shuddered and then I saw where there were beads of sweat onhis forehead that started trickling down his face.

I inadvertently took astep back from him afraid that he was going to crack and instead of screamingthrow a punch or something. Then the strangest thing happened; I felt a blastof hot air that was strong enough to lift my hair a little as if it was in abreeze and then there was a rich smell of some kind of flowers I couldn’tidentify that practically engulfed my senses. My body started tingling inresponse to something, and I felt a flash of heat ripple through me. Then asquickly as it had started, it was over. I looked around my house somewhatwildly for a minute trying to figure out what just happened. “What was that? Ryandid you feel that?”

“Feel what Kay? Thealcohol burning the crap out of my arm. Yes, I most certainly felt that.” Hewas looking at me somewhat analytically, and I thought that maybe he wasthinking that I belonged in the loony farm or something.

I was seriously goingto have to reread the side effects of that new medication I was on. Maybe I washaving hallucinations? But it felt so real. In fact, my body was still hummingwith something that I couldn’t place.

“Right, you’re right.It must have been the heater coming on or something. I just wonder when my momgot that smelly thing. It has such a strong smell of some kind of flower.” Istarted scanning the wall outlets for an air freshener plug in and then thecounters for some kind of new smelly candle. Nothing. There had to be anexplanation for it. The hot air came on and hit whatever air freshener Mom hadput out, right?
“Kay, are you allright?” The way Ryan was watching me now I was obviously never getting thatdate. What a freak he must think I am.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.Sorry, I guess I’m a little out of it today. How’s your arm? I guess we shouldwrap it up now.” I reached for the ace bandage and shook my head to clear thecrazy fog that was still in there. I glanced up into Ryan’s face before Itouched his arm just to make sure that he was ok with me trying to take care ofhim.

Hemust want me to stand, like, fifty feet back so he didn’t catch my crazy.
Author Bio:
Jessie Lane is the writing team of Crystal Leo and Melissa Pahl. The two sister-in-laws share a great love of breathtaking romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them. Because really, it is ALL about the characters. (They're kind of megalomaniacs)

When not losing themselves in a story, they remember they have real lives. Crystal lives in Kentucky with her husband and two little girls who plot daily the many ways they can drive their poor mother crazy. At the end of the day, Crystal calls Melissa and threatens to ship her two nieces to their favorite Aunt with lots of air holes punched through their box. Melissa answers Crystal's crazed calls in Washington state where she lives with her husband and big furry baby of a Rottweiler named Yuffie, and reminds her that children are not  shippable. 

This is their first novel, but they are all geared up and excited to be releasing other projects soon!