Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there will be a new topic for everyone to create a top ten list with. 

This Weeks Topic:
Top Ten Bookish Confessions (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines... anything goes!)

I don't think I do anything "bad" that is worth confessing about that I can think of so these confessions will be more like OCD things I do with my books.
  1. I don't like putting my books on the ground. Even when I am taking photos of them for my Sunday Post it kind of kills me to lay them down on the cold hard wood floor.
  2. I never keep the jacket on a book while reading it. I am too scared to mess up the jacket.
  3. I have a ritual I go through before reading a book. I read everything on the front and back of the book jacket, I then take of the jacket and see what the actual cover looks like. I then read every page until i get to the actual page 1 and then I read the story. Same thing goes with after "The End". I have to read the excerpt thats included, the acknowledgements, and the about the author. 
  4. No matter how many times I let someone borrow one of my books I always have to lecture them on the proper care of my books. 
  5. Whenever I get a new books I always inspect it to make sure there are no damages and if there is I always have a mini heart attack and have to convince myself to forget about it. 
  6. Whatever emotion is going on in the book, I start to feel it in real life. I.E. if the girl is mad at her boyfriend, I start being jerky to mine by accident. 
  7. I never leave my books lying around. If I am done with them, but need to review them I put them in a little pile by my computer, but I am done and they are reviewed they go right back on the shelf. 
  8. I can't multi-task while reading. Like I can't be eating dinner, or have the TV on, or anything. It needs to be me and the book or  I will get distracted and forget what is going on. 
  9. When I first start reading and I am around my family I have to yell at them to be completely silent until I get absorbed in the book. Once I am zoned in they can do anything and I won't hear them, but in the beginning if I can't concentrate then I will re-read the same line over and over again. 
  10. Before reading I have to be very cozy. I have to have a snack, something to drink, blanket and  get all settled in. 
I am kind of crazy, but hey thats me lol

After reading some others answers I have come up with a few confessions =)
  1. I am a huge cover judger. If it has a bad cover I probably won't read it, unless the description is really good and then I'll either borrow it from the library or i'll just get it for the kindle, but it won't go on my shelf. Also i usually only check out the blogs I follow via email and I will only read their review of a book I haven't heard of if I like the cover. 
  2. If I am just stumbling across your blog for the first time (like on FF) then I will always follow via GFC if your blog interests me, but I will only follow via email if I love your blog design or you have some REALLY good posts. 
  3. I cringe when I see dog eared pages. It hurts me soul to see them bent lol
  4. I very very rarely read an adult romance/erotica book, but if I do I don't read it professional or maturely. I blush the whole time and giggle and look around like someone will yell at me once they discover what I am reading. 
  5. I don't like the classics. There are like two that I have actually liked, but for the most part NO WAY!