Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Question of the Moment 94

Have you ever read a stand alone novel and thought they left the ending with loose ends?

I have read two that I can think of. Cinder & Ella by Melissa Lemon and Forgotten by Cat Patrick. Forgotten wasn't a disappointment ending when I first read it. It left TONS of room to be a series and then after all the hype about how amazing it was was coming to a close Cat announces that it will stay a stand alone and that she isn't going to make it a series. Are you kidding me! What about all that stuff we found out at the end that needs A LOT OF EXPLAINING! So upsetting lol. And then Cinder & Ella honestly has no excuse. It was always a stand alone (at least to my knowledge) and it just ends like forgotten? Ends are loose and then just tied quickly together? So upsetting!! lmao

I have noticed that I have begun to use my Q.o.t.M's as excuses to rant, but I think thats ok. Everyone loves ranting a little. But I mean who likes loose ends? Not me! And the thing is the only way to fix both of those novels is to add more to forgotten and change a lot of stuff in Cinder & Ella. Forgotten I can't think of how to make another novel out of that, but you could add a couple more chapters and end it with a finished feeling. Cinder & Ella you would have to re-write a lot of it. Both are not easy fixes which is maybe why they  ended the way they did. There was no easy way to fix them so they just had to end.

So have you ever read a novel that left loose ends? How did it make you feel? As crazy as me? LMAO Let me know in the comments below =]