Sunday, August 5, 2012

Question of the Moment 92

How do you feel about comedic novels? Do you like a lot of comedy, a little comedy, or no comedy in your novels? And If you do like comedy in your novels do you care if they are all comedy with barely any serious/dramatic story telling?

I love comedy. I am a big fun of funny, so yes I do like when novels add humor to their stories. What I just found out, though, is that I don't like all comedy with no seriousness. I love drama and suspense. Those are two things that make a story to me. Add in some romance, a dash of humor and I am sold lmao. But when there is all humor with no seriousness I feel a little duped. I know comedy is supposed to be light hearted and make you feel good, but even comedy movies have a serious moment every now and then. It can't just be me who needs a little seriousness. Everything isn't always fun and game. Right? I mean when I am reading I love to laugh at the characters, but when every line is a joke it gets too cheesy. I feel a little exhausted. Maybe I am just the freak who needs some serious time. It is so weird, because an ARC I read recently had the funniest character in it and I loved it because of that. Not only because the main character made me crack up every five seconds, but it definitely helped. I mean yes there was also seriousness, but the funny pieces sold me. Weird. Tell me how you feel about this.

Do you like humor?... Better question, do you like seriousness? Let me know in the comments below =]