Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pushing The Limits Read-A-Long Week #3

The Pushing The Limits Read-A-Long is hosted by Candace's Book Blog, Dazzling Reads, Page Turners, The Book Swarm, and Bewitched Bookworms. It is from July 31st - August 28th and is packed full of reading, chatting, discussing, and giveaways =D. 

  • July 24th - Intro Post for the Read-A-Long - Linky for Participation! 
  • July 31st - Bewitched Bookworms              Pages 7-84 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 7th - The Page Turners                        Pages 85-162 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 14th - Candace's Book Blog                Pages 163-239 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 21st - Dazzling Reads                          Pages 240-316 ends with an Echo Chapter
  • Aug 28th - The Book Swarm                      Pages 317-392
Week #3 Questions

1. In the beginning of this section Noah decides to ignore Echo because he's angry and hurt. What did you this of this? Have you ever experienced a friendship that went awry and they started ignoring you?
I thought he was a total douche for it, but I would have done the same thing. I am really glad, though, that he still cared enough to look back at her and saw that she wasn't ok. He easily could have just left her there and kept walking, but instead he went back and helped her and found out what she wanted. I love him for that. And yes, I have been in that situation before and it sucks! lol

2. Noah has a bit of a false reputation. Everyone thinks he's a big druggie and a guy that just randomly hooks up with girls. While some of it is true to a certain extent, we see it's not really him. Have you ever had a false reputation where people draw their own conclusions? Do you think Noah should do something to make people not think that about him?
The only false reputation I have/had is that people honestly think that I am a bitch because of my shyness. They think that because I am not open and super bubbly that that means I am judging them (I usually am though LMAO) and when they finally get to know me they are amazed at how funny and sarcastic I am. They always told me they had complete opposite thoughts about me, which goes to prove you shouldn't judge someone before you get to know them. I think Noah shouldn't try to change for his classmates. Let them think whatever they want about him. WHO CARES. BUT I do think he should try and change how adults see him. Adults like his social worker, teachers, Mrs. Collins, etc., If he wants to get his brothers back he needs to prove that he is a good guy and perfect father figure for them. 

3. Ashley finds out she's having a boy and informs Echo she will have a brother 'again'. Echo took this very personally and was extremely upset. Do you think Echo overreacted? Do you think Ashley meant that the new brother would replace her brother?
I do not think Echo overreacted at all. I think she is at an extremely emotion state and you always take things the wrong way during those times. I do not think Ashley meant it how it sounded, but I do think Ashley is very stupid and doesn't think AT ALL before she speaks. I think she honestly meant that Echo will have another brother in her life that she can hopefully get close to and teach him to look up to her as she did to Aires. 

4. Echo doesn't remember what happened with her mother and for this reason she has troubles seeing her the way everyone else does. She can't seem to not miss her and still wants to talk to her. Do you think she should pursue finding her mom? Do you think it will help her or do you think she would be in danger?
I completely understand how Echo can't see her mom in a bad light, but she doesn't remember her mom hurting her. She only knows that because thats the only information people have told her. Until she remembers she will always see her mom as just that, her mom. I think after Echo remembers what happened that maybe she should go see her mom, but not before she remembers. I think if her mom is still nuts and having bad days that she would only further Echo mentally, but if Echo sees her after she remembers that day then she can better prepare herself for the worst.

5. Noah doesn't trust the people who have his brothers because of his own past situations. He decides to seek out a lawyer himself and try to get custody. Do you think this is his best move? Do you think there are some other options he should consider?
I do not think this is the best move at all. Since the incident with his first foster home he hasn't shown HUGE improvements and reasons why he is a good kid to the right people. I think he really should go to college, get a place, get a job and make a living for himself and then try and get custody. Or better yet, maybe he should prove himself to the foster parents that he isn't a threat to his brothers and maybe he could see them whenever he wanted or even maybe end up living with all of them. They could kind of adopt him. I know that stretching it, but I mean no 18 year old is ready for fatherhood even if he has to for his brothers. I know it must be extremely hard, but he could end up making his life worse if he isn't on his feet already. 

6. Echo finds out that Noah and his parents built houses for Habitat for Humanity. Have you ever volunteered for something like that? What is a cause that you feel strongly about?
I am in a sorority so I have done a LOT of volunteering, but nothing where I am hugely impacted peoples lives and saw that impact. I mean building homes is a HUGE deal and you can later drive by those homes and see families living there and being happy. That is huge and I hope one day I can make that big of difference in some ones life. A cause I feel very strongly for is anything to do with animals. I know I should care more about humans, but I don't lol I love animals more. Every time the ASPCA email me about a cause I should email my senator about I do. Any time any other random person emails me about a cause to email my senator about that deals with humans I usually dont. I'm terrible, I know, its ok. lmao