Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Question of the Moment 88

How do you feel about audiobooks? Do you like them or dislike them? Or have you never tried one before?

I, personally, love audiobooks. They definitely cannot replace the written word, especially physical books, but they are fantastic. Its so nice to go for a walk and listen to a book, or during a car ride, or especially while sitting outside. One thing I love to do while listening is crochet. Im sure most of you are either saying "what is that?" or "How old is she again?" or "FANTASTIC!". Crocheting is like knitting, but not at all lol. That gives you an idea, though, of what I am talking about. But, yes audiobooks are so nice. I used to think they were just for little kids and old people, and that I would easily get too distracted, but actually they draw me in a little more because then I can hear the emotion being told and can multitask while "reading".

So, how do you feel about audiobooks? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. I love them too. But I only listen when I'm taking a long road trip :)

  2. I've tried a few - they're not for me. I *hate* text-to-speech on my Kindle more than audiobooks, but that's what I rely on if I need to be hands-free. If I'm in the car, or walking, running, etc., I listen to music only because I'd never listen to it otherwise (busy reading! lol) I just prefer books & my own imagination. Does that say something about me that the voices in my head are better than what I hear outside my head? LOL.

  3. Ooo that would be the perfect time to listen to one =]

  4. Yea they aren't for everyone. And text-to-speech is pretty bad lol. Same here about music, unless I am currently in the middle of an audiobook, which isn't often since I have so many physical and e-books to read I listen to music, because when else can i? lol

    And lastly it doesn't say anything bad about you at all lol. Sometimes others voices are plain annoying HAHA


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