Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pushing The Limits Read-A-Long Week #1

The Pushing The Limits Read-A-Long is hosted by Candace's Book Blog, Dazzling Reads, Page Turners, The Book Swarm, and Bewitched Bookworms. It is from July 31st - August 28th and is packed full of reading, chatting, discussing, and giveaways =D. 

  • July 24th - Intro Post for the Read-A-Long - Linky for Participation! 
  • July 31st - Bewitched Bookworms              Pages 7-84 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 7th - The Page Turners                        Pages 85-162 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 14th - Candace's Book Blog                Pages 163-239 ends with a Noah Chapter
  • Aug 21st - Dazzling Reads                          Pages 240-316 ends with an Echo Chapter
  • Aug 28th - The Book Swarm                      Pages 317-392
Week #1 Questions

1. The story starts out with Echo's thoughts on how she wants to answer her therapist's questions (snarky and caustically truthful) which are quickly juxtaposed to how she does (milque-toasty and banal). Who do you think she hides the truth for more, her parents or herself?
I think she hides the truth more for herself. She wants to let the therapist in by being honest, but you can tell she is also very scared to let people in. Ever since the incident she has been judged left and right and she is scared that her new therapist will do the same thing. I think also she has been to so many different people about the same issues that she just wants it over, and is done talking about it. She is willing to do anything to get it over with as soon as possible. 

2. We see Mrs. Collins, the school therapist, interact with both Echo and Noah in the first few chapters. From those interactions, what do you think of her? Is she a prototypical caricature of state care? Or do you think she's there to make an honest difference in the lives of those she's there to help?
I think she is there to make an honest difference. Most state care workers are tough, no smiles, down to business, because they know that as hard as they try they usually cannot help that much most of the time. She wouldn't be so positive and helpful if she was a typical prototype. She is the chance of a good future in my eyes. 

3. Noah has two friends, Beth and Isaiah, who have his back no matter what-through think and thin-and he has theirs. Consequently, his life is a little easier because he has two people who know about his situation. Echo only has one close firend, and Lila will barely speak to her in school. Do you think Echo would have had an easier time coping and moving on if she had friends like Noah does?
Yes, I think if she had friends who were always there for her no matter what that she would be better than she is right now. She wouldn't be eating lunch in a library alone if her friends were truly there for her, and they wouldn't care about making her do crazy things so that people like her again and stop talking about her. She would have people to talk to about everything and they would listed and help her believe in herself, but with no one there for her she thinks she is worthless and uncuttable of remembering that night. 

4. Echo fixates on a colorful ribbon that sits on the school counselor's desk during their one-on-one sessions. Do you think this is a case of "Oh, look at the pretty ribbon. Let me zone out while staring at it", or could it have a deeper significance!
I think it definitely has a deeper significance. She knew it looked familiar and that it had some kind of tie to her. It ended up actually being something that triggered a memory, so it definitely had a deep meaning and the counselor knew it would help. 

5. Noah and the jacket... Already when Noah and Echo meet for the first time, Noah got angry when Echo forgot her jacket (pg.34). The on Echo's Birthday party Noah gave Echo his jacket when he saw that she forgot hers (pg.54). There is a significance behind his anger when Echo has no coat and it tells already so much about Noah!
a.) Why do you think Noah is so focused on Echo and her Jacket and what does that tell you about Noah's character?
b.) Show us your favorite jacket! Either with you having it on or alone!
a.) Noah is a caretaker. Ever since his parents died he has been trying to take care of his little brothers, and when he is away from them he tries to take care of the "new siblings" he gains in foster homes. I think when he saw Echo without a jacket that he just jumped into big brother mode and covered her up like he would with his brothers. I think it shows that he isn't just a bad-boy that he does have a heart in there. 
I look like crap right now so I don't want to include myself in the picture, and they are turning out terrible so I found pictures of them on the internet =D 

Here is my favorite coat for not too cold winter. It was perfect for an end of winter/beginning of spring in Alaska, but not 100% warm for a Michigan winter. I definitely stay warm, but not warm enough for walking to classes across campus lol:
And here is my favorite spring jacket. Yes, I do have the same coat as bella!:

6. Echo wears gloves all the time to hide her scars. Not only for her sake, but obviously also for the others. When Noah sees Echo's scars for the first time he's shocked.
a.) Do you think this was the moment he began to see Echo in a different light?
b.) Show us your favorite pair of gloves!
a.) Yes. I think he was definitely starting to see her in a different light slowly with each time they encountered each other, but when he finally saw her scars it made him see in a second that she isn't a snobby rich girl, but a girl who is also dealing with big issues, just like himself. 
Since we recently moved into our new house (six months ago) I cannot find my favorite gloves, but here is what they kind of look like. The only difference is mine are white but with multicolor stripes. I need to buy a new pair. And these would be my ideal gloves if I was in echo's position.