Monday, June 25, 2012

Question of the Moment 83

What causes you to just put down a book and not finish it? Is there any one factor? For other book bloggers, does it make a difference to you if you got it for review? Does that make you try harder to finish?

For me if I'm not grabbed into the stories main points then I lose interest. Like if its about something I don't care about or want to know more about, I am gone. You have lost me. Another thing is if I can't relate to the characters. I need to be able to relate to the main character in SOME way or even if there is a sub character that appears a lot that I connect with. A connection needs to be made, if there isn't one... you have lost me. And lastly, if I can't understand what I am reading, like it just looks like scholarly jargon to me. you have lost me.

I also think that, at least just for me, if it's a book you got for review I definitely try harder to finish it. I may complain about it the whole time in my review, but at least I gave it till the last page to change my mind. Im pretty sure those are the three main points that get me, because I can only think of four books I have ever not finished and they fall under those reasons.

What makes you drop a book and never look back? Let me know in the comments below =]


  1. I am terrible ..i keep reading..LOL I have only DNF'd two books one because the writing was so horrible and another because 90 pages in ..i still didn't connect to anything. I am really good and picking books that I know I will enjoy, will I don't always flip over them I at least like them.

  2. Yea same here. I try and really think about and pick and choose the books I accept for review, because I don't like giving bad reviews =/


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