Friday, June 1, 2012

GIVEAWAY / BEA Live Streaming!!

Hi everyone!!

In case you haven't noticed the HUGE thing at the top of my blog i am here to tell you all about it. There will be live steaming of BEA all next week and they gave bloggers the opportunity to embed the live feed on to their blogs. Now, its almost like you're there yourself!! I know that it is way too big and i don't like that it starts playing automatically either, but what can we do? I've tried to resize it and it doesn't work and i have no idea how to not have it play automatically so until BEA is over we must deal. Just remember to hurry and pause it when you first go on my blog if you dont want to watch/hear it or mute your speakers =/

I know its a tad of a distraction and inconvenience to those of you who don't want to hear all the noise, but it is a great thing for those of you who do want to see it!

To wipe away the inconvenience to the small handful of you and to cause even MORE excitement about BEA, and to put a smile to the faces of those who cannot attend BEA this year i am going to do a giveaway!! Through out BEA i will try to grab a few books to do giveaways for and i have decided to have two lucky winners get a choice of one book from BEA!! Unfortunately do to shipping fees i can only do US residents, but please know i will have international giveaways coming up!!

To help choose which book you would love to win CLICK HERE for the full list of authors and books that will be featured at BEA this year. Just click the links on the right hand side for either the list of authors or book titles. If you have any trouble please let me know and i will be more than willing to help you =D

Giveaway Guidelines!!

  • Must be at least 13 years old 
  • Open to US only 
  • If you win only I will have access to your mailing address, and will only use it for shipping purposes. 
  • If you are under 18 years old please make sure it is ok with your parent to give out your home address.
  • If you win you have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen
  • Ends on June 3rd at 12:01am
  • One entry per person
  • Fill out the Rafflecopter 

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